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Rip Torn

Let's talk about this character. He seems to have a lot of unique stuff for this game.


Divine Void Strike (236 L/M/H)
A very fast charging elbow attack.
Works in the air.
All versions appear to be safe on block.
L version can combo into super on hit.
M version will wall bounce if near the corner for a meterless launcher.
H version crosses up, even when done full screen. Costs one bar. Always wall bounces on hit.

Overall, it's a very good move to use due to it's safeness and range. L goes about 1/2 screen, M 3/4 screen and H always tracks your opponent fullscreen or otherwise (but no vertical tracking).

Super God Shock Flash (214 L/M/H)

A short range command grab reminiscent of Bruce Lee's one inch punch.
Ground only.
L version has punch follow up on whiff. On hit, no wall bounce but vanish follow up is possible.
M version has no punch follow up on whiff. Wallbounce on hit for meterless combo in the corner.
H version has punch follow up on whiff. punch follow up has more range than L version. Wallbounce on hit.

Although it's clearly not the best command grab in the game, It still presents a scary mixup, especially in the corner where he can get a decent combo out of it. On whiff, it's bad and it doesn't have much range at all. Good for calling out a reflect. Punch follow up on whiff appears to be safe. Can be cancelled out of normals so the potential for tick grabs are good (need more lab time).

Dragon Flash Kick (214 L/M/H in the air)

A divekick that only works in the air. Hits mid.
L version is fast, useful as a meterless combo ender.
M version is slower, but does grant a hard knockdown. It's difficult to combo into.
H version is about as fast as the L version but grants a hard knockdown (L version does not).

All versions appear to be safe on block. It's a rather slow divekick so I don't think this will be useful outside of combos. It your basic meterless combo ender or a way to get a HKD using the H version. Gets beat out by 2H on reaction in neutral.

Instant Transmission (214H/236H)
Blue Goku's teleport attack. Goku instantly appears in front or behind your opponent with a levitating kick attack. Can be done in the air. 214H appears in front, 236H appears behind. Tracks horizontally and vertically. There is a bit of startup so it can whiff if the opponent is jumping and dashing around the screen. Wallbounces in the corner for a full combo. Can follow up with vanish midscreen for a combo. Also, Super will combo if this hits anywhere. Safe on block. Can be interrupted with 2H on reaction to the startup (Goku places fingers on forehead.

This is really the move that defines Blue Goku, IMO. I'm not sure how practical it will be at a high level but it will surely have some use. Seems difficult to block on reaction so 2H will be the most likely counter to this move as it auto corrects no matter which side Goku teleports to. Should be a decent anti-zoning tool. Doesn't cost any meter but need meter to convert midscreen (or assist). I could see this move being good on oki as a way to open people up and keep them guessing. Only time will tell how good this move could be in the overall meta.

Ki Blasts (5S/JS)
Standard straight Ki blasts on the ground. Can be followed up with multiple Ki blasts on the ground. In the air he can do one at a time at a downward angle. Haven't found any other angles. What really makes Blue Goku's air Ki blast unique and very useful is that it doesn't affect his forward momentum. So he can do a fullscreen dash jump, ki blast in the air and continue to follow that ki blast all the way towards the ground as if his momentum was not affected. This will be useful for getting in on an opponent with possible coverage and frame advantage. Reminds me of Akuma/Gouki in ST. Possible setups on oki and tick grab setups. Need more time to test.

Extreme Speed Kamehameha (236L+M/236H+S air ok)
Blue Goku's lvl 1 super. It's pretty useful if you ask me. He instantly levitates and sends a huge Kamehameha at a downwards angle that is sure to almost always connect. It's basically a full screen super with a few small areas where it doesn't actually have a hitbox (mostly above and away from him or underneath and behind). Not much else to say except that it works in the air as well and it's his only lvl 1 super.

X10 Kaioken Kamehameha (214L+M/214H+S)
Blue Goku's lvl 3 super. Only works on the ground. Half screen invincible physical attack that ends in an upwards Kamehameha. Pretty standard lvl 3. What makes this move unique is that he can hold L+M or H+S to spend another 2 bars to deal some extra damage at the end. Not always worth it but if it will kill, use it. Good for defeating the last enemy with sparking blast healing them.

L,L,L Target Combo (L,L,L... on the ground)
Goku's light target combo is actually quite good. The first 3 attacks are mid, low, overhead. It appears to be safe on block. It also launches for an easy super dash follow up. The low also launches on it's own for a j.L follow up into full combo. The one downside is that there is a huge gap before the overhead. Expect this to get blown up by higher level players or people who mash lights. The meta will evolve into way for Blue Goku to catch these attempts to punish. Very interesting and useful to say the least.

Assist (Divekick)
Possibly Blue Goku's biggest weakness. It's just a divekick. Doesn't seem to be very good at all. Comes out at a weird distance so it's going to be difficult to utilize. Doesn't allow much time (if any) to convert off of it when combined with the universal overhead. Hopefully there is a secret property to it that I'm missing, but for now it seems really difficult to use effectively.

I will add more to this thread later and maybe post some match footage as people get a feel for this character. Let me know if there's anything I missed or got wrong.

Edit: added assist commentary.
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When's DragonBall?
These are my solo combos so far with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Notations are included as always, no assists to leave room for experiments with your own personal teams and the Super Meter is at 1 to show meter gain/usage. Hope this helps anyone who's been looking for more combos with notations, etc or maybe helps spark an idea for something new. Super Saiyan Blue Goku in my opinion is definitely a more solid character than regular SSJ. Have fun!


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switching him to point. 5LLL becomes fucked up if you cover with an assist so they can't mash. It becomes a true launching 50/50. I'm having so much fun with this char. Who are you guys using with him?


Fear the blade of Osh-Tekk
For starters. SSJ Vegeta is meta right now mostly for his assist. SSB Vegeta loses it. He's very bar hungry too and his attacks aren't worth
Blue has rekka which is pretty damn good. And he has pretty swag combos


Twitter: @xxQUANTUM
Worse or better than SSJ ? I'm not sure what to expect after hearing opinions on SSB Vegeta lol
oh ok I get the context now...I'd say SSJ is still overall slightly better, but only because he's more of a generalist. SSB is a good point char and definitely has his strengths.

SSB vegeta is a good point char too, but needs assists
I'm conflicted on potential teams for this guy. I'm obvi going to play him point, but I'm not sure if I should have gotenks or trunks a mid. Any ideas ?


Twitter: @xxQUANTUM
SSB Goku and trunks compliment each other well so doesn’t matter who you put point esp if you’re rotating them due to DHC etc..I don’t usually see gotenks as an anchor but play with it.

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