Godzilla: King of The Monsters

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  3. This is what the first movie to be when I went to see it.

    Not that I ain't glad we got new monsters, the MUTO were pretty cool.
  4. Jynks

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    I really liked the Godzilla 30. I think it gets a super bad rap. The thing is that it was a "real" Godzilla film. The movie has some problems, but I loved it. I actually collect Godzilla stuff so I guess I'm a bit bias. The problem is that most people haven't seen Godzilla films or only seen fight sequences in docos or on youtube. Any true Godzilla fan can tell you how much the new film was like the originals. That includes Godzilla's screen time and the way it focuses on people instead of mindless action. Western audiences only wanted Pacific Rim style fighting though, so it got some bad rap. It is just another case were US and western audiences in general just are not attuned to the aesthetic of the Japanese style.

    So a lot of people hated the films as it WAS a Godzilla film and wasn't more like Pasific Rim or Transformers or some other gaudy hollywood thing. It was to well done, to much of a ode to the originals for modern audiences who make those Furious film take billions.

    Again, it has its problems.. but spend a few weeks watching the other 32 films (I count Kong Island) and it is not even close to the bottom 1/2 of that list if arranged in order of being good or shit. It is actually one of the best godzilla films.

    The new movie looks like a lot of fun but I assume it will be more Kong / Pasific Rim style and focus more on the monster fights than trying to have interesting and emotional plot lines with the humans.

    My biggest curiosity is if Mothra's the Shobijin will be in the film. (The space pixies)
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  5. King of the Monsters has a viral site.


    The code to get the crimson level is 251720614.

    Apparently Rodan is a volcanic-life form in this continuity, similar to the Magma turtle in the KSI tie in comic.

    Also Godzilla is currently headed towards a MONARCH base in South America and will probably be unlocked in a few days.

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    This looks so good. I thought the next one would be him vs Kong, but this seems just as hype as well.
  7. Godzilla vs Kong will be in 2020, but King of the Monsters is said it will have several references to King Kong.
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  8. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    Kong will need to get way bigger.. How can he even threaten Godzilla.. particularly after we see him beat the hell out of these dudes first. There has to be at least 1 more monster that Godzilla and Kong team up against before the winner is announced.
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    Thanks for that. I just remember seeing Kong Skull Island at the post credit scene it hinted he would face Godzilla. But I'm fine waiting till 2020 for that. I still remember seeing the original film when I was 6 when they squared off.

    Fun fact on King Kong vs Godzilla/Godzilla vs King Kong, there were two different ending. One with a Hint Kong won and the other Godzilla won.

    In Skull Island, they stated that he was not full size and that he is still growing.
  10. New trailer came out, first post updated with it.

    Can we seriously get a fighting game already?

    Also why does WB do such bland thumbnails? LOL
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    I'm so hyped. I watched the trailer like 10 times today.

    11 now.
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    Can we get a kaiju fighter done right!!!
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  13. honeybooboo

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    Movie looks sick!, definetly watching
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  16. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    they should try and get the rights to Ultraman and Gamera
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  17. Evil Canadian

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    Anguirus is the president of monsters

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  18. I've heard a rumor someone in Hollywood is trying to make a U.S. Ultraman movie.

    I agree, the Monsterverse would give Gamera some much needed exposure and help his franchise. Plus Godzilla vs Gamera would finally be a reality.
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  19. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    Yeah people often say to me .. that they think it is bad so many famous monsters are in the new film.. I say it is good for them to swing for the fences. All event films should be like that. Why make us wait years and years for the films to get awesome. just be awesome from day one!

    Like you say it is not like there aren't a ton of monsters left. I mean Mecha-Godzilla is probably the most popular monster next to Ghidorah so he is defiantly coming.. plus we have Gigan, Anguirus, Biollante and more. I particularly like Space-Godzilla..

    My point is LET THEM FIGHT!!!

    every city stomping, battle royal loving, monster fans want a Gamera vs Godzilla!!
  20. Marketing ramping up in China with Chinese New Year inspired posters. Each monster is stated to gift a representing strength or blessing to individuals celebrating the new year.



    "Godzilla blesses you with the aiding power of his mighty atomic breath, gifting to you the power to find your 'source' and to be full of its energy each and every day."


    "Monster Queen Mothra; will both illuminate and shine with you, and from her bright wings gleam visions of grand plans that are in store for you."


    "With 'Fire Devil/Fire Demon Rodan' helping you to ignite, draw forth, and blaze your lighting fire in the Year of the Pig."


    "King Ghidorah; will bless upon you divine and extraordinary power to the equivalent of a being of three heads and six arms, gifting to you the possession of superhuman strength."
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  21. Jynks

    Jynks some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous

    that link is not working for me : ( and no images are showing in thread (assuming you posted them)
  22. GLoRToR

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    Anyone wonder what monsters these are the kings of? You can never see any other monsters just these. Are they the kings of one another?
  23. Calling it now, Skull Island is gonna be converted into Monster Island.

    It takes time for the link to load. Also fixed the pictures, hope they show up.

    Rodan's profile on the monarchsciences site says just as King Kong is king of the primates (and Skull Island), Rodan is king of the sky.

    Mothra is the goddess of peace thus Queen of the monsters.

    Godzilla King of the Monster because he's just that awesome.

    And King Ghidorah is the Destroyer of World, so King of Terror.
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  24. Updated first post with new TV spot "The Time Has Come/Only One Can Be King", in it we get a sneak peak at two new monsters so this isn't just using classic monsters, I.E. 4 of Toho's Big 5.

    Also anyone hear about the guy who saw an early screening for King of the Monsters gave it a negative review because it he was upset he didn't get an early screening of Shazam? Talk about salty. He said, and I quote "the third act of the film is one long fight". Yeah considering how little monster action we got in Godzilla 2014, I'd say that's a positive. I had more fun with Kong: Skull Island than G2014.
  25. MrWarMachine

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    so am I the only one who thinks the mountain monster is Anguiris?

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