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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat' started by iammud, Oct 15, 2009.

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    So many people say this isn't true. Well it is, on genesis at least. I just threw this video together for proof (shit quality, I know).

    My guess is that Acclaim was trying to create a new reptile like secret character and failed miserably. Or it's straight up an endurance glitch that's available on all versions.

    I've never been able to prove this is in any other version of the game as I've never been able to get a pit on endurance 2 w/ shit flying through the sky with out making it so w/ dullard cheats. Maybe this can be accomplished using the cheat.dat or a game genie on the arcade or snes? Kudos to anyone that proves if it's in the t-unit version or not. As evident in a youtube video, on the dos version, fighting reptile on endurance 1 does not result in a glitchy reptile.

    To do this with genesis, use the dullard code. Pick flag 0 and battle plan 2 must be enabled (I assume it's possible w/ out). And I also enabled pit 1 as first level (not sure if that changes the plan), and flag 2 for 1 hit kills since I wanted to do this quick. Fight all the way till endurance 2, it should be the pit. Do the usual to fight reptile. Now once you beat reptile, you get an endurance reptile who has the pallet of the second person you fought in the endurance.
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    damn,the video is removed
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    Ah man, I wanted to see this :(

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