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GGST TYM Matchmaking


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
So with the godlike netcode of GGST I thought we could make a thread so we could all play together. I'm pretty sure cross play will arrive sooner or later too so I don't think it's necessary to have separate threads for PC and PS4.

We can state place of origin (for ping/server purposes), when you usually play and your main (and/or secondaries) and PC/PSN

I'll start! I'm from Hong Kong playing on PS4, will be on usually on weekends, and I play Faust.
Since I don't always check TYM, if anyone wants games (or just free wins) they can find me on discord! (Mandolore1123#7996)

I also have a YT channel where I post my matches to look for tips and advice on how to keep improving!

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Djdeftmonk in the southeast USA atm (ps4). Haven’t found a character yet. Possibly about to hop off the struggle bus lol.


Resident "Subhuman Piece of Trash" Edenian Player
Platform: PC
Steam Name: Arqwart
Regions: USA East or West
Main: Giovanna
Availability: later afternoon / evening on weekdays, various times on weekends
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Does psn have like a group function? Maybe we could make a TYM group. I know steam has this but I dunno psn.


Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning
I deleted discord while I was in china since its banned. I forgot its a thing haha. I will make a psn group later and inv people join if u wish
Sure idm. But hot dog there's a lot of US East ppl here. I don't think even GGST net code can support it if I try to play you guys lol
Steam: "Naughty Senpai 69"
Region: Europe West
Main: Sol

I played with Sajam who is in California with 3 rollback frames so basically I'll play anyone from the US who is wired and everyone inside Europe.

I'm trash at the game though.