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Guide Get scratched! Catwoman Guide by Laos_boy


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Catwoman, a footsies based character that's gets out-footsied.

Pros and cons of the character.
+ good 50/50
+ great oki game
+ decent footsies*
+ great damage
+ low hitbox

- poor walk speed
- below average wake ups
- below average anti air.
- decent footsies *

Things to know.
• Catwoman is a footsies based character with bad walk speed.
• Catwoman has a great air attack with a poor anti air
• Catwoman has great a knockdown game but when she gets knocked down, ggs lol
• when Catwoman gets heavily outfootied its super hard for her to approach.
• she gets bopped by bane, sinestro, and aquaman. They all have dominating footsies.


• Normals and strings
- 1,112: her best punisher, use this to punish moves -15 or below.

- 3,33: mid hitting and double hitting attack. Best used for breaking armor. 33 is +1 and leads to and overhead(33b2), 33 can be staggered to a b1 for a 50/50

- f1, f11, f112 and f1123: a fast advancing overhead attack that lead into big damage. F1 is +2 on block. F1123 ends in an over head so you can stagger f112 into b1 for a 50/50 but f112 is -3

-b1,b12, b12d3: short ranged low attack. Best combo starter. ends in a low so you can stagger b12 into f1 or b12 f3 cancel ( made famous by @GGA 16 Bit )

- d1: 7 frame mid that's +1 on block. Mash d1

- B2: a 23 overhead its decent on knockdown it can cross up in the corner and avoid lows. But f1 is the better over head

- f3: overhead best used for unclashable damage

- b3: undoubtedly the best b3 in the game. Its 23 frames goes under all highs, most mids, some over heads and a few lows. This move is -4 but if spaced right its neutral

- 1f2: a quick double hitting overhead that leads to her best knockdown

- 122: leads to a knockdown

- 2d2: a mid to low string, you can goes for a pseudo 50/50 ( 1f2 and 2d2 ) standing 2 has a similar animation to standing 1

•Air Normals
- j2 undoubtedly one of the best air normals in the game. It has great reach and best used in the jump back neutral game.

- j1 a good air to air

-j3 good for cross ups

- low whip: long reaching low that's super risky

• special moves
- cat claws: safe combo launcher. When MB it gives you a high launch

- catdash: long ranged combo starter. When MB you gain 2 hits of half screen armor

- high/low evades: high evade avoids high, mids, and overheads and low avoid lows and some mids. Evades can be cancels into trait for a parry like effect, useful in the doomsday MU to avoid venom

- catstance 1,2,3: cs1 is a launcher that's +3 on block, cs2 is and anti air, and cs3 is just a normal attack that's ends In a HDK

- up/straight whip: up whip anti airs and straight whip ends in a HKD. Both whips hit high.


•The goal to playing Catwoman is to get in to her b3/f1/low whip range. ( footsies range )
at this range you need to scout for whiffed attacks, dash ins, whiffed jump ins. ( basic rules of footsies )
• For whiffed attacks use f1 or b3, for dash ins use d1 and for jumping use d1 for trip guard, b3 to make some jumps whiff, and if your read a jump, j1 or jump back 2.
• As Catwoman you need to dominate this range. random b3s, low whips, and catdashes are good but b3 is death on whiff and catdash whip are death on block. Mb Catdash is to catch back dashing, b3 can be used to make attacks whiff ( sinestro b1, supes f2, martians trait 2 ) and low whip is to check people walking back.

• it is said that it is risky to zone Catwoman due to MB catdash.
While this is true it is also risky to use mb catdash. MB catdash sometimes cant be used on reaction, the Catwoman player has to make a read.
• there are counters to mb catdash your opponent can make a read and mb b3. Some people are even able to MB b3 on reaction.
- but you can counter the read you can normal catdash and let them whiff the mb b3 and you can whiff punish with catdash.
• mb catdash is safe full screen.
• you are able to use evade to counter zone but it does not work on ground tracking moves.
• evade and b3 are real useful when you are turtling super man and batgirl, after you get a life lead.

• Catwoman has a great 50/50 to open up her opponent.
• when opponent is unfamiliar with the match your stagger strings are gold
• but a familiar player will d1 between f112 and b1
• Catwoman has some plus frames: d1, 1f2, 33, f1 and 2d2. You get a d1 check after all of these except d1. When people start respecting your d1 you can go for a 50/50.
• out side of that Catwoman is usually safe but at disadvantage.

- 1f2, 122, whip, and double f3 are her best knockdowns.
- Double f3 leaves her at most advantage and gives two dashes, one dash and a jump.
- 1f2 if her most used knockdown. It provides a safe jump and a safe dash into a normal.
- 122 gives you a cross up. But it can be dashed out of. But the cross up j1 does stuff some wake ups like ravens lift, lanterns might, and sinestro arachnid.
- whip is mostly used for max meterless damage. 112 whip.


• Pressuring with Catstance.
- this is some thing not a lot of CW use. But I'm gonna provide the info.
- catstance can be canceled with dashing and up. Canceling with up will always leave you at better frames than dash canceling. For example 112 cs DC is -7 and 112 CSu is -1. But some times DCing can be used as a mix up. cs3 and csDC d1.

• catstance in the neutral game. Mid range you can try to stay in catstance and wait for a move.
- cs2 when they jump and cs3 when they dash or whiff an attack.
- you can use cs3 for a mobility tool.
- catstance goes under most projectiles.

- B3, catstance, d3, f3, and back dash all lower her hitbox. b3 lower her hit box the most and f3 lowers it the least.

• Ducking
- her hitbox can make cross up attempt whiff, so you can d1 trip gruad.

• B3
- b3 is great against body splashes. If timed correctly you can b3 a body splash and it will whiff and you get a trip guard.
- b3 and catstance are good for avoid wake ups like martians push and wowos spin
- b3 is also great in footsies, it makes some great footsie tools whiff like sinestro b12, Adams b2, MMH trait 22, and superman f2

• Catwoman has some pretty poor/below average wake ups. But you can utilize them in some pretty useful ways

• Trait
- her only invincible wake up is trait.
- but it can be avoided by neutral jump.

• Mb catdash.
- MB catdash is good against neutral jumps. It auto corrects to catch the jump.
- MB catdash is a good full screen wake up, but you can stuff it with a well timed projectile. During a clash I always save a bar to wake up mb catdash.

• Evades
- sometimes you don't have trait to wale up.
- so you can wake up evade and gain a trait scratch. Not recommend though.
- evade negates all MB b3/f3

• Wake Up Reversals
- wake up catdash negates wake up reversals


• Cross Up F1
- in the corner end a combo in mb catdash d2 whip, then go for a f1 and it will cross up. This opens up her 33/33/33
- there's an option select. F1 catstance1. No matter what side you hit the f1 it will launch.

• cross up MB catdash
- after 1f2 you dash up mb catdash and it will cross up. This can be avoided by holding down. But it opens up the over head.
- after a double f3 you dash twice then mb catdash. This is good for unclashable mix ups with f3.

• Corpse hopping.
- any knockdown after a catdash gives you the ability to pass through your opponents body with dashing or a normal.

• 2d2 after b3f3
- this is a pseudo quick stand set up. Its great for unclashable at the end of a round. Thanks @Ecodus

• Punishing wake ups with jump back 2
- after 1f2 you can punish most wake ups with jump back 2.
- deathstroke, bane and wowo are prone to this.

• Wake Up Reversal
- In the corner you end a combo in 1f2 ( cant be after catdahs ) then wait the 1f2 again, and your opponents wake ups will go the other way


the right corner you end a combo in MB catdash cross over j3 and grab the arrow. For 50%
- Alley is really her best stage you need to pray that you get it

• After a F3 HDK you get a mask
• You can b3 under the Pig

You can b3 under the Intractable in the left corner

• its usually better to go for a mix ups off these interactables than to go for damage

• You end a combo in mb Catdash 1f2, then dash and use the interactable. its not guaranteed but its nice

• i honestly dont have any set ups for this, i usually use it to hide my movements and mix ups


> Aquaman 3-7
• approaching
- his zoning isn't a big deal but when in b2 range aproaching is pretty risky. when in this range you have to take risk like low whip and jumping. and when you finally hit him he has trait.

• dealing with trait.
- try going for quick launchers like f3/b2/b3. You basically forced to used mix ups like d3 and f3

• Knockdown
- luckily when you knock him down you get a vortex. But he can trait out of it.
- so you can b1/f1 catdash for a quick launch.

> Sinestro 2-8 or 3-7
• approaching
- zoning doesn't really bother Catwoman. But when it's sinestro, approaching his zoning is a major pain.
- you can't stop him from getting trait.
- your only hope is to get into his b12 range (which still dangerous) and try to b3 under him.

• Knockdown
- he has an invincible wake up but you can stuff it. End a combo in 122 and jump over j1.
- this can be avoided by dashing though.

> Bane 3-7
• approaching
- Catwoman has to get a life lead, turtle, and avoid being knocked down. And when you get the life lead you want stay away from him.
- but unfortunately when youre trying to avoid him you will eventually get cornered, and when this happens you might as well turn off the game.
- he out footsies you with d1, dash, d2 and armor.

• Knock down
- bane kind of gets up for free
- but you can try to jump back 2 to beat his wake ups.

• Dealing with Venom
- some banes like to use armor to cover his negative frames, but most of the time you can 33 and it will break armor.

- Since theres many variation when it comes to combos I'm just gonna lay the base

• Midscreen
( cat claws* can be replaced with catdash for less damage and f3* and be replaced with j3)

- Starter, cat claws*, b3, f3*, ender
- starter, cat claws, f2 MB cat dash ( whiff ) b3, f3, ender
- starter, cat claws*, b3, f3, f2 mb catdash, ender
- j3 112 mb catdash (whiff) b3, f3
- F3 ij2 112 whip/ mb catdash ender
- mb catdash, b3, f3*, 11, ender
- b2 mb catdash, b3, f3, ender
- d2 f1 mb catdash b3 f3* ender
- a2a jb2 mb catdash b3 f3* ender
- a2a j1, ender ( this can work after cat claws )
-b3 f3 f3 ( unclashable )

• Back ground Bounce
- Starter BGB f3 f2 mb catdash b3 f3 1f2
- Starter b3 f3 f2 BGB f3 1f2

• Corner Carry
- starter, cat claws, ij1, 112 (whip/mb catdash ender)
- starter, cat claws, f3, 112 (whip/mb catdash ender)

• Corner
- starter, cs1, f2 up whip, 112 (whip/ mb catdash, ender)
- starter, cat claws, ij1, 11, 112 (whip/mb catdash ender)
- b2, 11, 112 (whip/mb catdash, ender)
- f3 f2 up whip 112 (whip/ mb catdash end
- bomb intractable, mb catdash b3 f3, ender

Shout outs to the Catwoman community
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Way to put in the time buddy. I haven't read it all, but im looking forward to it. Thanks for the shoutout.


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Nice! :)
You can also get a MB catdash crossup off of 122, not just 1f2


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Looks good! I'm looking forward to someone working up a guide to all her corner shenanigans. Just cause I can't ever time the f1 crossup after d2 whip. :(


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Although I have no desire to play as her that was a very interesting read.you good sir are free to enjoy yourself.meow fucking meow!


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I have to say I hit the like button without reading. :) I am too lazy to read all that. I dont use her, I enjoy the character tho