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Strategy Get opened up: Sliding elbow mix up options


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Warning: This thread contains common knowledge that many don't use. If you do use it, plz add anything you want. If you don't, start using it yesterday lol. For more complete knowledge on frame traps, plz visit the ft thread.

One problem I seem to always have with Ares, is never being able to really pressure and open up anyone that knows the match up. It seems that they can alway mash out, jump away, or dash away, when I would really rather keep close and maximize my advantage. I find that in one case in particular, it can really be used to your advantage. After a blocked rising sword, normally one can use b1 to add one more layer of pressure or to start zoning.
First, I really need to go over close combat with Ares. Most of the people I see that play this character, have his zoning tricks perfectly but everything falls apart when someone gets in or they play an opponent that knows the match up. If you don't do these frame traps, it will be very difficult to maintain positioning up close and the b1,3 mix ups won't work. Using these up close insures you can really apply your game plan close up.
D1, D1 : On hit, d1 gives you a safe d1 or 22 attempt. On block, you can also d1 again sometimes. Since d1 is negative, you don't do this often. Use only when you see your opponent is using anything other than their fastest move( normally their d1).
Landed d1, 22, d4 : Like mentioned above, hit d1's let's you safely 22, which is also safe and cancels into trait for a combo. If your opponent presses a button trying to mash out of your d1,d4 , the 22, d4 hits.
Landed d1, 22, d1, d4 : this simply catches opponents trying to interrupt a d4 after a blocked 22.
Also, be sure to mix blocked 22's with d4, mb close gs, and mb teleport close, or reg teleport away. This make your traps even harder to stop!
After an opponent blocks a d4, you can use the sliding elbow option select to keep pressure and add another mix up. D4 is +15 on block, letting you narrowly b1 before most things can hit you( plus most people will try to block the sword then counter for some reason). B1, mb tele close(or reg tele away), 3 is the option select. It's not very hard, just requires practice. Be careful with opponents that just keep crouching after the d4, it will make the elbow whiff if you do this from d1, d4 ( not 22, d4 tho).

P.s , make sure to mix up your b1,3 string with b1,d4 , and sometimes b1, d1, d4, if you see them block the 3 standing.
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