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"Get Caged!" TYM x Syco Collectibles Exclusive Johnny Cage Reveal!


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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the privilege of revealing a movie star and a bad-ass tonight and right now. He's got a way with the ladies like no other. He takes no crap from anyone and he's not afraid to go for a "nut punch". This exclusive reveal and first look of Johnny Cage is presented to you by the best Mortal Kombat collectible company to date, Syco Collectibles! The few notes that we have received directly from Tony at Syco Collectibles is that he will not just come with a 'pretty face', with that being said it is quite clear that Johnny will be even more amazing when he is 100% done. Have a look!

As noted on the 'teaser' images below, this Johnny Cage poly-stone statue will stand 10" tall.


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Tarkata Reveres Jade
Lead Moderator
Johnny Cage stylin':cool:, cannot wait to see the finished product.

That has to be his X-ray pose just as he's about to drop the people's elbow on em.


xbl-OBS trustinme
its horrible.is that supposed to be him doing shadow uppercut? he looks more like a gay stripper doing his thing on stage.

GNG Iniquity

#bufftaquito #punchwalk #whiffycage
Would've preferred his f3 or nut punch animation personally, but it's still friggin' cool. First one of these that I've actually wanted!