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Geras (New Era) F2 into command grab


Haven't really seen anyone discussing this particular trick with Geras, but his F2 into command grab is pretty insane.

If you F2 into grab on block with the opponent in the corner, it's pretty much unavoidable and they'll still get grabbed. At mid screen positioning they could get a trade with the grab if their d1 is fast enough but it's still kinda in your favor since the opponent actually gets tripped from the first few active frames of the grab and you're still standing/recover from the hit quicker... and to be quite honest, it's really hard to even get a successful trade since you still get grabbed 9/10 times you try anyway. They could take the F2, but then you could just commit to the whole string get a combo.

Maybe someone better at labbing this shit could confirm this, but it's just what I've found so far.