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Gaming Wishlists That Will Probably Never Happen


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So, I have a few wishes gaming wise that I know will never happen. But regardless, they still are hopes and dreams of mine! They actually are ALL either sequels, remakes, or remasters. So anywho, here’s my wishlist:

- Jade Cocoon 2 Remake/Remaster, or a sequel (Jade Cocoon 3). In either case, add in a New Game + option.

This was a PS2 game that not many people have even heard of, let alone played. It’s also where my avatar comes from. There’s a character called “Levant” in the game, and that’s who my avatar is.

Anyway, this game was way ahead of its time. It’s a turn based JRPG. Best way I could describe it is that it’s a more strategic version of Pokémon. I have played this game SO damn much in my life. Every other year or so I go back to it and play it. If it was remastered only, I would be fine with that IF they added New Game + and also an online mode.

- Enchanted Arms Remake/Remaster, or a sequel! (Enchanted Arms 2). In either case, add in a New Game + option.

Enchanted Arms is also a turn based JRPG. This game released on the 360 but I also believe it was on the PS3 as well. The game didn’t get too great of reviews, but man, I absolutely love this game. It’s another game that I’ve put thousands upon thousands of hours into. It has SOME similarities to both Jade Cocoon 2 and Pokémon with its turn based combat, and again, just more strategic! This game was actually made by FromSoft, the same company who made the Dark Souls series. And likewise with this game, if it’s just a remaster, I would think a New Game + would be a mandatory addition, as well as an online mode.

- UMK3 or MKT remaster or simply a re-release with GGPO or just NRS’ current netcode. MKT has never been officially released with online play. UMK3 has, but the two times it was (not counting the DS version) the netcode was AWFUL. And with MKAK, the netcode is awful AND the port is awful. Both times UMK3 was “re-released” it was done by a 3rd party company. How awesome would it be if NRS themselves actually put time into a UMK3 or MKT re-release? Much like the 3rd Strike Online re-release. All they did is added a godlike netcode, updated the graphics slightly, and didn’t touch the actual gameplay. That’s exactly what I want. And this above all else, would make my dreams come true and I could die a happy man.

- A Halo 2 remaster release that has all the original glitches, MAINLY super bouncing! This is actually the least likely out of them all. Since Halo 2 HAS been remastered and released with the Masterchief Collection. The only issue is that super bounces were removed. Super bouncing was one of the most fun aspects of Halo 2 for me outside of playing it competitively. I was actually apart of Bounce FX, and if you were around back then, you probably have heard of us. We were a team of players who were really good at super bouncing. Probably 99% of the super bounces you ever did in Halo 2 were probably found by us. We still have super old videos on YouTube, back when 240p was the highest quality you could get, lmao!

Anyway, those are my main wishes. I would also love a remaster/remake of a game called “Wrath Unleashed”. It’s a game that combined table top strategy with also fighting game components. Once you interacted with a tile your opponent was on, you went into a fighting game stage and fought like you were playing a fighting game. This game was way ahead of its time and I think it would be a massive hit if it were revived!


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I just want a legit open world Mortal Kombat game, but a remaster of the previous MK games would be sweet too


That Scott Pilgrim beat em up game on PS3/PSN coming to PC or PS4.

P.T. completely fleshed out and developed.

Sequel to Doom Eternal coming out next year (I absolutely love 2016 and Eternal and it bothers me that the next installment is probably at least 3 years away...)

Evil Within 3.

Shaolin Monks sequel or remix (I only very recently played MKSM for the first time - very impressed)


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1. Virtua Fighter 6

I really miss this series. I enjoyed it a ton as a kid, and it kills me that practically every single other big fighting game franchise has found life in the past 10 years, and yet VF is still dormant. To me VF has always been the epitome of having a very simple premise, but an incredible amount of depth. It's just such a well crafted series.

2. Fighters Megamix Remaster

This game came out for Sega Saturn, and was basically a preview of Virtua Fighter 3. It was the casts of VF and Fighting Vipers, but it also had some great unlockable characters. For example, you could play as one of the cars from Sega's Daytona game.

3. MK vs KI

This has been talked about in other threads, but basically there seems to be a lot of synergy between the KI and MK player base, it seems like a natural fit. It could be a chance to have an actual tag team based MK game.

Art Lean

I don't know if this is not likely to ever happen since it's such an obvious money-maker, but quite why this hasn't happened already I do not know.

GTA... but Star Wars.

That's literally a licence to print money.

And depending on who the protagonists are, just borrow more from the gameplay of similar open-world sandbox titles, such as Ghost Recon Wildlands if you want to go the rebels vs the empire military route, GTA itself if you want to go down the rogue smuggler route, Just Cause if you want to go down the Mandalorian or Jedi air-acrobatics route etc.

And you can just keep it grounded to one planet by having all flying vehicles you can control solely be atmospheric ships like skyhoppers, snowspeeders, TIE strikers etc. Or, you know, fuck it who cares, stick in X-Wings that can't fly off-planet, I wouldn't mind because I'd be playing GTA... but STAR WARS..

This is a game so obvious and such potential to make ALL OF THE MONEY, I literally can't comprehend why it doesn't exist already considering Star Wars has tried its hand at literally every other genre ever.
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Also, I would like a Charlie Murder remake/remaster. It was a game for the 360. It was like Castle Crashers just MUCH better and had more RPG elements to it. Also the art and music were FANTASTIC.
Good thread. Here's my list, in no particular order:

  • A System Shock 2 remaster
  • A Mortal Kombat single player RPG
  • Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct
  • Halo 3 remaster
  • Aliens versus Predator 2 remaster
I want a Diablo II remaster as well, but I actually expect that one will happen.


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OMG someone else in this world who played and loved Enchanted Arms!!!!! One of the best turn based JRPGs imo, very underrated. It´s a gem.

Would love to see a remake or sequel with new graphics and stuff

Would like to see a Gladius remake or a new one (another turn based game)

Dead Space 2 MP (I just loved that Multiplayer for some strange reason)

John Grizzly

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  1. AKI Wrestling Game: I want this more than anything else. Kenny Omega from AEW has been in talks with Syn Sophia (this is what AKI has become, if I'm not mistaken) so I'm really hoping it happens. The current 2K games are fucking garbage and not fun whatsoever.
  2. MK9 Remaster: Released on new gen systems with proper netcode. This would be amazing. And don't tell me I have "rose tinted glasses." The game is fun as hell and still the best thing NRS has done since they started making games.
  3. Tekken Tag Tournament 3: I know the competitive scene strongly disliked Tag 2, but I LOVED THAT SHIT. There was nothing more fun than having a friend come over and playing Tag co-op online. Aside from that, I just loved the endless options and depth the game had. I would love to see another Tag game, but I don't see it happening. I'd settle for a scaled down tag mode in Tekken 8 that works just like Tag 1 - you can buffer a tag off any launcher.
  4. Masters of the Universe: Developed by NRS, obviously. I'd like a bit of a darker vibe, akin to Injustice. Unlike Injustice though, the character models would be huge. Give me incredible looking stages and the opportunity to play as Trapjaw in a fighting game and I'd be happy.
  5. Tekken X Street Fighter: Pretty sure development for this game has completely halted and it will not be happening. SFXT was pretty much a huge flop from the jump due to the stupid gem system and the fact that ALL THE FUCKING DLC WAS ON THE DISC ALREADY AT LAUNCH. NAMCO more or less separated themselves from it from the get go. Having said that, the way NAMCO has handled Akuma, Geese and Fahkumram (let's face it, he's what Sagat was supposed to be in TXSF if it actually released), has been pretty incredible. I'd love to see an entire game with 2D based characters thrown into the Tekken universe. You can't tell me a King vs Zangief match wouldn't be cool as fuck to see. Thanks for dropping the ball so hard you made it impossible to release the good half of this vs concept.


  1. MVC4
  2. MVCI- remastered.. MVCI had the BEST game play out of all Marvel vs Capcom games... Re do it with better graphics and add the X-Men and you have an AMAZING FGC game that is hype


Primal Rage reboot is as the top of my list honestly.

I picture it being made for the ground up by NRS for PS5, with Godzilla and King Kong as guests, maybe throw in some of the Rampage characters for good measure lol or at least the Wolf/Ralph.
A new Duke Nukem game. Duke Nukem 3D is one of my favorite games of all time but they fucked up Duke Nukem Forever so badly that a new entry is very unlikely.
Primal Rage reboot is as the top of my list honestly.

I picture it being made for the ground up by NRS for PS5, with Godzilla and King Kong as guests, maybe throw in some of the Rampage characters for good measure lol or at least the Wolf/Ralph.
Does WB own primal rage? I was suprised it made an appearance in the Retrocade.
1. A remake of Silent Hill one done in the style of Resident Evil 1 remake.

2. A new Darkstalkers game. Fighter are in, how has this not happened yet?

3. A new Primal Rage.

4. Finally getting to use the Sentinel Nine in a Resident Evil game. It was cut out of RE6 but got used by Leon in Vendetta. I wanna jam that spiky flash hider into enemy skulls as a melee attack after stunning them ala RE4 & RE5.

5. A new (good) Godzilla adventure game. Enough with the fighters and enough with the budget titles/cash grabs. Give me good production value.

6. A new Gamera game. Seriously the big turtle hasn't had shit in over a decade, his big five-oh came and went without anything to show for it but a short film.


Does WB own primal rage? I was suprised it made an appearance in the Retrocade.
@scarsunseen said they currently do, and I personally don't think NRS/WB would have paid money to include the cabinet in the stage just for the hell of it so I am learning towards yes, they must own it now.

I don't think it will happen, or at least im not getting my hopes up however I would be beyond ecstatic if it miraculously did lol Primal Rage and MK were literally the first two video games I ever played as a toddler lol


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To my understanding, Midway owned the Primal Rage trademark because they did the original home port back in the 90s. Then I believe it transferred to WB when Midway folded. I don't know if it means anything else, but I'd love a new Primal Rage.


^trademark lookup portal. Type in "Primal Rage" (in quotes) and take a look.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert or anything when it comes to trademarks!


Does WB own primal rage? I was suprised it made an appearance in the Retrocade.
Wtf there’s a primal rage backdrop in retrocade? I have yet to see it.

edit: oh and as far as this post goes... if u play overwatch im sure u have seen the “fighters of the storm” arcade cabinet which teases to a blizzard fighting game with characters from all their games a la heroes of the storm. Pls god give me this.


Reverse Salt
Deep Blue Sea Survivor Horror

Dino Crisis Reboot

Dead Space 4

Rambo game (done by Kojima)

Silent Hill 1 Remake

Naruto Narutimate Ninja 6 2D fighting game with 150 chars

Cold Fear 2

Thrill Kill 2

Turok Reboot or Remake

Demons Crest Reboot

Super Ghosts and GHouls Reboot


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OMG someone else in this world who played and loved Enchanted Arms!!!!! One of the best turn based JRPGs imo, very underrated. It´s a gem.

Would love to see a remake or sequel with new graphics and stuff
A gem indeed. Funny thing is you could already make it infinitely better by just adding a New Game + option (like in Dark Souls). But Enchanted Arms is such a fun game. The turn based strategy is super fun and easy to understand. The storyline is actually pretty good (even if the English voice acting is sometimes atrocious, lol). But anyway, I would add a NG+, add far more golems you can get and use, and actually make it to where you can upgrade the golems like you can the human characters. They made the human characters purposely OP because they wanted you to use them for immersion sake and also for story sake, but they are all super OP. The game already isn’t too challenging, especially with the casino save exploit (which I do every single time I play, lol).

But anyway, yeah it’s rare to find someone who has played Enchanted Arms, let alone someone who played it a bunch and love it. It’s in my top 10 most favorite games of all time. Tbh if all they added was a NG+, it would easily be a top 3 game of all time for me. I just love the game, what can I say?


Dead Space 4

A new F Zero

A new Blur - one of my fave racing games, basically an adult Mario kart

A new Donkey Kong Country, love the new series, wish they would keep going