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Games Master returns to TV after nearly 24 years... with a head to head on Moral Kombat 11 as its climax!

Art Lean

For those who remember the original classic video game competition show, Games Master, which ended in February 1998, final episode here:

...tonight it finally returned to British television after an incredibly long hiatus.

For the length of time that had passed, it was surprisingly retro and authentic to its legacy. A little cheap like it always was (the winning prize of golden Games Master joystick is thankfully still a beautifully cheap spray-painted Amiga joystick from the early 90s, as well as all the dated wire-frame CGI and bad blue-screen effects which perfectly recapture the past) and it's left the half-naked babes back in the 90s. Having returned to the more camp and playful yet industrial and gothic aesthetic of the original first few seasons of the show, I personally feel it's captured its original atmosphere rather well all things considered and to see Big Boy Barry from sister-show Games World return with his son was heart-warming to say the least. It's a bit rough around the edges and stilted, but the original first series with Dominik Diamond back in 1992 was very awkward and rigid too, so I'm keeping optimistic that it 'grows the beard' and finds its footing as the series progresses.

In 1993, their Mortal Kombat Special aired and introduced me to Mortal Kombat and you can see that here for nostalgia's sake:

And so needless to say, it felt perfectly apt that upon its return in 2021, had a head-to-head battle on MK11 featuring players Ketchup and Mustard battling it out as its climax at 36:15:

Curious to know what anyone else things of the relaunch or the featured MK fight in general? I don't follow competitive play in the slightest, so don't know how well known they are and I've never heard of them, but apparently these guys are pros at Mortal Kombat 11...
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bringing back this show is not a bad idea.. but they would be way better off if the "hosts" just did introductions and history (written for them) and then they got actual gamers to do the commentary. That MK11 cometary is pathetically lame.


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Haven’t watched any of it yet, but it’s insanely dope that Ketchup and Mustard were able to be apart of it! I’ve seen people that I know OF on shows similar to this before, but never has any of my actual friends been on a show like this before. Super pumped that Jake and Ryan (the condiment twins) were invited and I’m sure they represented!