GamerBlake90 Tutorial Series: Scorpion Reverse Vortex Start-Up, Sindel Levitation & Kitana Punishing

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    He is of the now established combo artists that has been making his name known since Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. GamerBlake90 's YouTube channel offers tons of combo videos for entertainment and he recently added some crucial tutorial videos for a few characters. The first one showcases the fact that the Scorpion vortex does not always have to start-up the same way, in fact, as he demonstrates in the below video... starting it off with a reverse uppercut anti-air works too!

    Next up, is something for Sindel players to not only take a look it but take to the lab as this kind of cancelling is more than likely NOT something you just do off the bat: Credits to Mr. Mileena as well

    Lastly for now is a video that shows you a great way to punish Kitana's jump kick to air fans up close! Again, credits to Mr. Mileena as well - Timing looks to be a major factor in this video so once again labbing is required!

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  2. What is the input you do for the levitation cancel?
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  3. swag1

    swag1 EX smash solves all

    Down Down Up [Hold Block]
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  4. Under_The_Mayo

    Under_The_Mayo Master of Quanculations
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    My first time seeing these levitation cancels. Interesting.
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  5. Saint

    Saint Noob

    I can see the scorpion setup working on crossups, good stuff
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  6. Shadow Zero Kyo

    Shadow Zero Kyo (VSM) Leader of the Tarkatans and I am Shazam

    This kinda sindel tech hopefully will be seen soon at tournaments.
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  7. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    good stuff.. we need to get Mr. Mileena to another major tourney to showcase sindel.. i keep choking at these things :/ even though i can do all this i have constant brain farts when its time to perform.
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  8. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    Holy jeez the Sindel levitate cancels..... some Kabal shit goin on there lol
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  9. A F0xy Grampa

    A F0xy Grampa Problem X Promotions
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    How fast can she do a fireball from the levitate?
    How safe is the low fireball?
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  10. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
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    Is he using a hitbox?
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  11. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
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    its a weak weak version of kabal, only the very first cancel she is safe, after that you can poke her or quickly punish.

    hes using pad.. its easy to do on pad or stick..
  12. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    The problem with the levi-cancel is the move you do it from (block advantage or not?) and how god awful slow her normals are. You can easily see the levitation and poke her out.

    It is a good tactic though, and should be used by all serious Sindel players.

    It will be interesting what people come up with to punish the jkaf.
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  13. General M2Dave

    The problem is Sindel's 2 has a 17F start up, which is too slow. Her normals are slow in general, and L-cancels do not provide enough frame advantage on block to compensate for her slow normals. Besides, she does not have access to the easy hit-confirms Kabal does. So, Dan is definitely right.
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  14. People will get accustomed to levi cancels, which can be poked out of or jumped, however, when people jump out or poke out, you can choose not to levi cancel and instead, for example, input a yell instead of a levi cancel, the yell will get them if they try to poke, jump, etc

    now, you will learn to respect the levi cancel, and thus having her reset a string as well. she does get + on block and is guaranteed a d+1 or d+3, and apply pressure

    Example: 2,1 levi cancel, dash grab
    2,1 levi cancel, d4 cartwheel etc

    now if they poke out, 2,1 cartwheel, 2,1 low fireball, or 2,1 yell (this is unsafe if blocked, but most people are brain fucked and don't even punish) now the opponent is stuck, should i block high, low, or jump out, or just sit still hoping they dont levi cancel, but if i sit still and they levi cancel, im going to be reseted into another pressure string,

    they basically have to guess how sindel finishes her strings,
    sindels rushdown = extremely well imo, standing 1 is 11 frames, but can be ducked without blocking, however, accustom them to this, and follow with d+3 for +10 (since they are ducked and not blocking, into cartwheel, = legit frame trap)

    Sindel has SO many ways to mix it up, and i am trying really hard to make it to a major, but school and personal problems are getting in the way.
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  15. Down down up [hold block]

    i play on ps3 pad
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  16. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    But you can SEE the levitation! Block what you expect to be a 21~cartwheel/low fb, but when you see it, jump out or poke her... it's not that hard when you are accustomed to it.

    I guess playing Tekken for so many years, watching for and reacting to mixups is in my blood.
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  17. General M2Dave

    Mr. Mileena, the mix ups are solid but pale in comparison to Kabal's mix ups, for example. Kabal's dash cancels give more frame advantage on block, lead to easy hit-confirms due to the nature of the dash, and reset thanks to f+4. Kabal has faster normal attacks too.
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  18. I never said her rush down was better, all i'm saying is she is very underestimated man.
    She can handle her own upclose with amazing zoning capabilities as well.

    She has a 33% anti air combo, she can punish mileenas teleports and ex teles with 30%+

    Sindel has great zoning, nice rushdowns, great mixups, great damage output, 1 into scream is an amazing anti air, as is u+4, she has high/low resets, she negates tech rolls with her hair whip, her ex cartwheel and hair whip change positions, her cartwheel has amazing invincibility on wake up,

    I really think she has potential, nowhere near top 5 or anything of course, but she's def not bottom 5 by any chance.
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  19. her d+1 and d+3 will beat your counter poke if you see the cancel

    When people jump out, d+1 will anti air
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  20. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    But then you have lost your pressure advantage. You can see the levitate, but you as Sindel can't see the poke and counter poke it. You have to guess I will poke and then poke me first which makes you lose your mixup and commit to it. Sure you might get d1 to stepup/low fb, but now I block or get hit and am out.

    Does aad1 stop jump kicks like Jax/Scorpion? Doing that against a character like Kitana could mean you lose 35% for trying.

    I'm not saying it's not good, every Sindel player should use these cancels, but it's not as good as people have been hyping it out to be.
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  21. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    the main thing that annoys me about sindel is you have to commit to whatever your going to do with her.. no hit confirming like other characters :(
  22. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    When I played her for a week, I was hit-confirming 2~scream and 21~yell quite consistently. But I know what you are talking about.
  23. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    sindel midscreen combo for snuffing wakeups i havent tried this in a real match but i'd like to hear thoughts on it. b3f2, f12,dash,1 eh scream, 44u3 iaLowFB. the 3 in 44u3 will whiff and the ialow fb will hit them on the ground and snuff wakeups its 25%(29%w/jip) plus 8%otg reset.(15% for enh 2 balls)
    another one i'm doing to create distance from an aa 1 is 1 scream b3f2, b24iaf this will also reset otg unless you do b24iaf to soon then the fireball will hit early and the wakeup still comes out. this one is 20% plus 8%otg reset plus creates fullscreen for zoning. thoughts?
  24. Konqrr

    Konqrr Rose Namajunas

    I used the b24~afb reset as well. It adds unscaled 8%. Too bad you can't use b24 on a larger combo, gravity rapes this tactic ;_;
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  25. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    you don't have to cancel you can do an iaf right in your opponents face a few times to make them not want to try and jump or poke out
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