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I've played fighting games online since they have existed, this is my first MK game that I made an effort to try and learn and it is by far the WORST online game I have ever played in my entire life. Fighting games are supposed to be about reactions and making reads on your opponent. This game is 100% guessing and 50 / 50 scenarios which is complete garbage. Basically skill level is irrelevant its all about who can get the first knockdown and guess correctly from there on out. My wife watches me play, never touched a fighting game in her life nor does she play video games. She actually beat someone by picking baraka and mashing buttons without a clue. Why is this possible? Because it was so unpredictable her opponent had no idea what to do and by the time he realized she was clueless it was too late. He guessed wrong a few more times and by then it was over.

There are literally 0 mechanics of a fighting game at play here. Its literally just an advanced version of rock paper scissors, but I guess thats what the modern fighting game is since you have to cater to people who are mentally challenged just so people will play your game. I tried to approach this game objectively and patiently as possible but its straight up trash.

Add all this up and combo it with the cesspool servers that support online play and I nearly put my arcade stick threw my TV. Seriously some of the crap I experienced in the last hour of online has been unbelievable that I actually have a headache from it.

I wish i knew some people that actually showered who I could play this game offline with, but I am not that fortunate.

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lol mk11 really brings out quality and articulate posts and i mean that 100% unironically. like the disappointment and frustration is so sobering to people i can hear the resignation in the tone of their text.

i hope they get it right for inj 3
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I didn't play mkx but played mk9 religiously had over 20k games online and played a lot of good folks. A few names in tournament scenes. Jumping straight from 9 to 11 really pulled at my heart strings. Think I'm gunna sit it down for a bit put to much time into it as is. I wanted to get serious with it and maybe will some other time. Not a bad game just expected more and the culture it has provided i just can't deal with right now

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Did the OP just described MKX?
I mean, is that even MKX? i know if connection is bad the game may sound horrible, but definitely not a game of just guessing.
i mean, mk11 has plenty of 50/50s just of a different variety, are they gonna finish that string or stagger it, are they gonna MB or not, guess wrong and your eating a combo or Crushing blow, they just switched the guessing game from being overhead/Low :p


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I may dislike some of the decisions nrs has made and whiffing issues but 1v1 gameplay is probably the best ive played.

Did you really say this game is all about guessing and 50/50s lol, my main in particular has no overheads.
I'vedone fine with decent defense, spacing, knowing frames and punishing properly in all situations.

As far as connections I have not had the issues most have with good internet and a monitor with very low delay.


The OP isn't really wrong. The game involves a considerable amount of guessing, and it's not about reacting to things...especially if you're going online.

MK11 is a well produced game, it is in a glossy package you can say...but it's not a good fighting game IMO. And if you come from another fighting game really the only thing you can carry over is a general sense of manually mixing someone up and that's only after getting used to what NRS has made. Everything else leave at the door.

The game is not balanced. As in, there are big imbalances.
Krushing Blows in gameplay often amount to big bursts of damage most folks aren't consciously trying to get. Some characters may never even see Krushing Blows too, heh.
There are various, various hitbox/hurtbox and whiff issues...which may be intentional (eek). Some whiffs have a laugh out loud quality to them.
Punishment game is not really there, outside a whiff punish when you can get it...game really favors offense over defense. The game even tells you that "blocking gets you nowhere".
The poke game, at least online...I don't think it's working correctly.

It can feel less like a fighting game and more like an on rails sort of affair. Nobody uses Flawless Block (or can), and while some strings have gaps without Flawless Block, I don't really see that happen either. You block a string, you're locked in, and get to see how far someone goes and if you can even do anything afterwards.

And Fatal Blows...eh, I still think they got some probs.

Whether a monumental patching could help...eh, one can hope!
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