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Game could be so good....

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Why are so many buttons and strings barely negative to the point of absurdity. So many pokes are -3 or -4 on block, and the majority of strings are as well. If you don't play a character with a 10 frame mid or better you really have to work overtime just to get anything going.

And can we patch the game already? Ranked online is a constant stream of geras, Sonya, EB, Jacqui, and Scorpion.

I do better against people I would consider better at the game than randoms because of how reckless they are. 5 D1s in a row? Sure, why not! It is to the point where I have to use, for instance, Noob online because of his pretty solid mid. If pokes can be -3 on block then every character needs a 10 frame mid other than D1, because if you don't have it you are severely handicapping yourself.

I have loved Dvorah since MKX but having my fastest mid at 17 (I know it's around there) means I cant play against majority of cast, especially against randoms just mashing pokes constantly AKA 90% of my games.


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Lol at this point, I can’t even tell these threads apart. It’s like the same person is writing them.

So now everything needs to become -40 on block, so that the game is really slow, and you can drink a coffee and then punish someone’s jab stagger?

No thank you ;)
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