Full Results for MK9 at Winter Brawl 6!!

Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by Tim Static, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Mortal Kombat at Winter Brawl 6 was a huge success this past weekend, with MK9, UMK3 & MK2 all seeing some amazing action. Of course, you know who won, came in 2nd & 3rd, so here are the FULL RESULTS for MK9 at WB6!

    Thanks to Blackula for the results!

    1. vVv CD Jr.
    2. vVvREO
    3. VSM Crazy Dominican
    4. Maxter
    5. Death
    5. Sawnik Fawx
    7. LB NYChrisG
    7. TS Sabin
    9. VSMKT Smith
    9. AC1984
    9. Kevo Da Man
    9. Tom Brady
    13. PimpUigi
    13. Blackula
    13. VSM Rapzilla
    13. WNBA Swift Tom Hanks
    17. MK Peanuts
    17. Jer
    17. VSM Scoot MaGee
    17. Mike metroid
    17. Shady XD
    17. Neo Russell
    17. VSM Klassy Sasquatch
    17. Free Nine
    25. WNBA Zaf
    25. VSM J360
    25. Eazail
    25. Ernov Aku
    25. Street Sweep 187
    25. Tyler Roemer
    25. Beat Down Mao
    25. Hellion 96
    33. VSM JamesMK aka Paper Legend
    33. VSM Pherleece
    33. KPB Meanest Rage
    33. Ray Riazy
    33. WNBA Rev0lver
    33. Pecka Powa
    33. Josh The FunkDoc
    33. Squirt McGirt
    33. WNBA Claude Von Stroke
    33. Lt Box
    33. Oblivion
    33. Ryan Barnadie
    33. vVv 7L
    33. Stupid Monkeys
    33. Relaxed State
    33. VSM Hitoshura
    49. Flipin Flava
    49. Tempest
    49. Ty Camp
    49. Sun Lioness
    49. Joe Kachma
    49. TYM DanCock
    49. Pumpkin King Express
    49. vVv Esoteric
    49. TYM STORMS
    49. New Paradigm
    49. Goldfish
    49. Skkra
    49. Magneto Halfway
    49. Billy Awesomo
    49. VSM Summ0ning
    49. KPB Kakarot
    65. LB Bear
    65. Fury of Frog
    65. Matthew Chang
    65. QB Eagles
    65. Amadeo Vidaic
    65. Sack Ram
    65. Pat The Enforcer
    65. Michael Landus
    65. CGM Naniwa Tiger
    65. Andrew Bontua
    65. The B-Hole
    65. Timtachi
    65. VSM Shock
    65. Guns Tariq
    65. K Hunter

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  2. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    I still remember confusing Flippin Flava for Flippin Tables, I kinda wish he'd change his name to that.
  3. Hellion_96

    Hellion_96 xX_Hellion96_Xx

    25th aint bad :cool:

    Premium Supporter

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  5. G4S KT

    G4S KT Gaming4Satan Founder

    Awesome turn out peeps. Good shit all around.
  6. what char did tom brady use?
  7. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

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  8. Ariel MK

    Ariel MK Noob

    Heyyy Dominican Powerrrr :coffee:

    1. CD Jr.:D

    3. Crazy Dominican:D

    4. Maxter:D
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  9. ty tim static id love to see some vids from that tournament
  10. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    yes! im not in last place anymore =]
  11. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Stay tuned. they'll surface, not to mention stream archive too. :coffee:
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  12. G4S Claude VonStroke

    G4S Claude VonStroke @MK_ClaudeVS on twitter

    2 and 2 this tournament. Improving!
  13. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    That, and you went, showed up & played! kudos. :)
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  14. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

    Sweet 25th place!

    It was great meeting swifttomhanks, Mike Riazy, Rapzilla *awkward bathroom hello* and 7L.

    Blackula, it was great playing casuals with you Saturday night, OH WAIT YOU WEREN'T THERE!
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  15. Jim

    Jim Emperor of the Moon

    Who did Goldfish beat? Saw her playing as Jade on stream and it didn't even look like she knew the combos. Was she just on stream because it was a cute girl or was she the top of her pool for a stream match?
  16. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

    God I played jade and I don't even know what happened, I actually do know how to play her but that night it was as if I picked her up for the first time. I'm officially putting her on the back burner
  17. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Lets keep that private bro, outta respect to Mr Tom Brady
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  18. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
    Lead Moderator

    I still give major props to NYChrisG for getting top 8 in 4 games (MK9, UMvC3, SSF4AE and another game). Him and Sabin are really the only SF players who have stuck with the game and consistently do well at tournaments.
  19. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    Man that match with AC1984 was sooo close!

    I was so close to top 16. Oh well, ECT4 here I come!
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  20. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Good point OJuggernaut0 didnt even think about that. Thats impressive.
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  21. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
    News Editor

    On top of this Sabin is one of the most important figures in the MK community. From streaming MK to actually giving it respect amongst the Capcom crowd and actually never shit talking it - Sabin's the shit.

    Chris G is nuts, being able to mentally play all those fighters and be able to switch from one game engine to another. Probably the best all around fighting game player in the States.
  22. Jim

    Jim Emperor of the Moon

    So I take it you are Goldfish? If so I wasn't trying to be a dick, just honestly wanted to know what the score was. I have 100x more respect for people that show up at tournaments no matter how they place.
  23. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming
    News Editor

    There's no doubt she's the worst character in the game. Unless someone finds something that is so crazy to turn her around, there's no hope. Finding something for Jade that makes her tournament viable would be the biggest discovery in fighting game history at this point.

    That said, your Kano is on point. I'd develop him from here and get a good secondary character who covers his bad match ups.
  24. Vagrant

    Vagrant Spears and tiers.

    Good job kevo and congrats to CD and all others who went out to WB
  25. SquirtMcGirt

    SquirtMcGirt Purple balls covering the screen

    I got 33rd not bad for my first tourney right!? Lol but it was lots of fun, everybody was so cool!
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