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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 8, 2019.

By HellblazerHawkman on Jan 8, 2019 at 6:54 PM
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    With Shao Kahn's full look being the story of the day yesterday, it was only fitting for the Defender of Earthrealm (now the Aggressor?) to get his look revealed. So yeah. Here it is. Check that out.



    Look at that. Pretty gold right? Matches Shao Kahn's helmet pretty well. The story initially was reported by Mortal Kombat Online with the original posting being shared by NRS on their Discord page. Dropping an invite link here for any of you cool kids who haven't entered the cool kids club yet. I would expect to see something with Scorpion shortly, especially with us getting closer and closer to the reveal event next Thursday. NRS has already confirmed character reveals to come, alongside gameplay footage and more, so make sure you keep that night free. But if not, TYM will be covering both events in person, so we can hook you up.

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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat 11' started by HellblazerHawkman, Jan 8, 2019.

    1. HeavyNorse
      I wonder why they didn't release a full render like with Shao Kahn.
      Anyways, it's a good Dark Raiden look.
      Also worth noting, Raiden and Shao Kahn has the same colour scheme for some reason.
    2. AbeW
      Scorpion's new look is a pink speedo with gold stars on it. Get that rendered soon.
    3. Jhonnykiller45
      Ah, too bad it's not a full body picture like Shao Kahn's.
      Shinnok's Amulet is looking fine on him though.
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    4. Rice
      It really looks like they gonna put more emphasis on weapons with Raiden also holding his staff in the same menu like Shao Kahn.
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    5. StormGoddess
    6. Gamer68
      Raiden's staff looks different. The one in the trailer looked like a metal rod, this one looks like a wooden fantasy staff. Guess this means you will be able to customize his staff.

      Also compare Raiden's face in MK11 to Injustice 2 -- it's a huge upgrade. It seems that skin textures and face models have made a pretty good upgrade once again.

      "maybe give you some character reveals"

    7. DelSchokoladenSaft
    8. xWildx
      **prays to the Elder Gods**

      Please don’t let Kitana have a man face, please don’t let Kitana have a man face, please don’t let Kitana have a man face...

      These renders are looking too good for that -_-
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    9. TackyHaddock
      Raiden the new kung jin with the staff?
    10. DarksydeDash
      Shinnok's Amulet front and center.

      Also once again the graphics engine.. MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH!!!!
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    11. Gamer68
      Not really. Raiden had a staff way before Kung Jin was a thing.

      Plus it's just a normal staff and not a bow/staff hybrid like Kung Jin's.
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    12. HeavyNorse
      I do hope Kung Jin will be more focused on just having a bow should he return in MK11. He can still have it look elaborate and hit with it, like Green Arrow does in the Injustice games, but I think it was rather over the top that he had a staff that could spit fire but also shoot arrows and then had a chakram on the side.
    13. Gamer68
      Kung Jin's design is such and mess. He's a stealth archer and former thief, yet his default design just makes him look like a warrior. Not to mention that since his staff doesn't a string on it (a magic one appears only when firing an arrow), besides the fact he has a quiver on his back, the fact that it's actually bow isn't apparent.

      His alternate costumes does a good job at making him look more like an archer, but unfortunately the designs overall just look kinda boring and generic. Plus they don't change how the bow/staff looks, so that weapon has the same issues in terms of looks in all of his costumes.

      Since Mortal Kombat 11 seems to be moving away from the "serious" designs MKX had and is starting to introduce some more fantasy elements again (see: Shao Kahn's fancy gear set, Raiden's new staff), then hopefully this means we will get more interesting designs for the kombat kids -- which honestly would solve one of the few major issues they had. With Custom Variations and Gear being a thing, hopefully even if the base designs are still bad we will have options to make them way more interesting.
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    14. HeavyNorse
      I think they went for a more Shaolin Monk look as his main design, as part of him putting his thieving ways behind him... but it was indeed very dull. I like Kung Jin as a character, but he definitely needs a redesign.

      And yes, that bo staff was a bit weird. I think it might've been some kind of magical relic, hence why it looked like that and could shoot magic arrows and spit fire etc. Also in his intro, he conjures it from thin air. Though kinda cool in concept, it was just a bit too much, imo.

      I'm mostly excited for Takeda though. While Hanzo is more old-school ninja, it's cool to see Takeda's design being a more modern take on the ninja look. Hope he has some cool modern ninja gear in MK11! I love the whole Ryu Hayabusa / Raiden from Metal Gear kinda feel he has.

      Also, I wrote a concept on the MK sub-reddit I'd like to see Takeda would evolve into:

      "My favourite character of the Marvel universe is Psylocke. She is a telepath and telekinetic, however, she can use her psychic power to shape them into psionic weapons, her most known ones being the fist dagger and a katana.

      Kenshi can kinda do something alike with his Balanced variation in MKX, but I would love if Takeda became strong enough to use his psychic abilities the same way Psylocke does to replace his whips and laser swords in MK11. He's already halfway there, having psychic powers and being a ninja, so it would be awesome if NRS took it a step further and made him like a male version of Psylocke when it comes to abilities."

      It would probably not happen though, as he seems to be the more "tech" ninja style, which is cool as well! I love his whips and hope to see him have some more moves with those. ^^
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    15. Darth-Nero
    16. Gamer68
      Even if he doesn't get the ability to create weapons, I do think he will at least get some kind of telekinetic/psychic attack. The only thing he was able to do in MKX was read minds but I don't think they will leave it at that, chances are his power will grow somehow.

      Same for Cassie Cage who can't really control her green energy well in MKX, I wouldn't be surprised if she has more control over it in MK11.
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    17. HeavyNorse
      One of the gripes I had with MKX was Johnny being all "It appeared that one time when I fought Shinnok, have never been able to do it since" when he's ALWAYS been able to do it in the games. And then Cassie all of a sudden could too, because plot armour. :/

      So yes, I hope Cassie will be able to control it and use it more canonically as well in MK11.
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    18. Roy Arkon
      Roy Arkon
      Raiden looks awesome, Jan 17th can't come soon enough. And yes the gold thing is interesting indeed, I guess it might be a part of the story.
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    19. NothingPersonal
    20. TamedLizard
      He looks so good!!!

      Can't wait to see all the other new designs.
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    21. Tanya-Fan-28
      Reminds me of how he looked in injustice 2
    22. MKF30
      Amazing detail, the faces look so real. Can't complain, I love how everyone so far has this regal feel with all the gold armor, clothes etc. Of course I know we'll be able to change their look to their klassic look no doubt among others. Can't wait to see Subby and hopefully Ermac, Fujin, Reptile etc

      I love how we have both that MK lore/fantasy look again while retaining the dark, gritty, photorealistic look depending on the costume. NRS continuing to outdo themselves, can't wait til next week.
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    23. Lt. Boxy Angelman
      Lt. Boxy Angelman
      The Deception feels are strong with this render.

      I am much excite.
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    24. HeavyNorse
      But since they are both presented with having that colour scheme in their very first reveals, it must be their main shaders.

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