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FULGORE Art Revealed Straight out of the Ultra Fan Book!


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Thanks to CD jr we now have a first look at Fulgore from Killer Instinct! Straight out of the Killer Instinct Ultra Fan Book, the Ultra Tech cyborg fighter that is returning after a 17 year hiatus returns to your homes March of 2014 as the eighth Killer Instinct character.

Have a look at the images that CD Jr tweeted just minutes ago. He mentions that he will also be taking pictures of Spinal's stage when his flight lands - stay tuned!

fulgoreki.jpg fulogoreki2.jpg

Source: @MKKI_CDjr


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Just goes to show that talented people are talented, you don't have to make a AAA to be a good developer. Some AAA developers started of their careers making Dora The Explorer games for 3DS and shit, at the end of the day, you work on what people pay you for.

Prime example, Walter White. :D.
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