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Match Footage FT5 Money Match: PTH RM Mr Aquaman (Ares) VS EMPR GRR (Bane) @Defend the North

It's really easy to always sit behind the scenes and nitpick peoples play, but you can't keep pulling the option select of " I'm a bad bane." Because everyone messes up at some point in a match. I'm not saying it's thrown out like crazy, but it's a tool that I've used in the matchup to make Ares players think twice about zoning. It's worked, and it hasn't worked. It's simple to always say it makes no sense, or it's easy to not to. But watching is a lot different then playing.
Agreed. Theory fighting is completely different than when you're actually sitting down and playing. Any jackass can pull out frame data and argue what could have been done but the fact is there is no better tool at your disposal than experience, reads, and going with your gut. I'll take experience, reads, and going with your gut over theory fighting and frame data 9 out of 10 times any day of the week.



Most banes I play catch good read now and again, charge on WU crushes back tele. And part of a risk I like to take because teleing EVERY DAMN TIME ON WU is boring is to do nothing on WU and see if I can make a read and punish. There are alot of mind games. If you see axe charge, or any projectile. from full screen it wont punish dark energy, but it will punish axe. I use axe sparingly on his level 2 late charge because theres a small chance the multi hitting portion of the axe will hit him out of all 3 levels of venom charge. I actually got Grr with it, I cant remember if it was in the MM or in a set we played later. Anyways scores a long hit and KD which buys time till cool down. And 4x4 said it, pray ares doesnt corner combo you in debuff.

If Bane is using charge on reaction to straight axe, you just tdc and jump over and full combo punish the charge. j2, 3d2 for 50%
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