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FT2 or FT3?

FT2 or FT3?

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Sage Leviathan

I'm platinum mad!
FT3. Three wins is enough to say you outplayed your opponent, and for both players to adjust accordingly.

Someone's bound to say that the better player would win in FT2 anyway. But why stop there? Why not say the better play would win in FT1? First to one round, even?


cr. HP Master
FT2. FT3 takes too long. Also, this is a neutral based game and if you have good "footsies" gimmicks shouldn't be as big of an issue compared to say, MKX.

Also, if you are put in a laggy match you can bounce out a lot quicker.

The way the patch is worded Kombat League will be FT3, so just wait it out for that if you prefer it.


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Just last night i made two full comebacks from 2-0 to 3-2 after i adapted to my opponent. Ft2 only encourages gimmicks and dump shit that will make the loser always feel cheated rather than needing to learn or improve. Absolutely nothing good comes from Ft2 ffs change it back.