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Foxy Grampa retires from IJ2, may be back for MK11


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Decided to stop competing in the inj2 pro tour, I think that as a competitor from Europe its ultimately not worth it (this season) considering how expensive it is to travel to and from the states when compared to the potential reward.

I have no love or interest in the game, so I cant justify it any more. The fact the best friend I made in the community gave up as well (Hopefully he's happy doing what he's doing now) I don't really have the heart for it. I'll wait it out until MK11 (if and when it comes) so hopefully its not a goodbye, just returning to the shadows for a bit.

Gotta give a big shoutout to Problem X though, that man is a god, thanks for believing in me this whole time. Also shouts to DizzyTT.

Hope all of you that carry on with the tour have a good time m8s.
http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqje0d / https://twitter.com/AF0xyGrampa/status/1016814844228653061

Pretty sad news but not to surprising... with only a few Pro Series events in Europe, even counting Online I guess the cost was just to much. My guess would be that if he won Viennality he might have stuck around... probably did the math and with out those points decided the run just wasn't worth it.

Foxy has always been one of the hypest players of the last few years and could be argued that he was one of the guys, if not they guy that realy brought MKx out as a true international game.

With luck, like Dragon, he will be back for MK11, which from his comments is clearly his 1st love over IJ.... also I am not sure, but I think he will be competing locally in DBZ still, maybe even in the tour.. he did say once a while back he was going to run "two" tours... I suppose DBZ won out over I2. If he is doing DBZ, then he may still come to Evo, which would be great... as I would hope he dose and also event IJ2 for larks.
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Well he really likes MKX more, and he plays DBFZ as well ATM. I remember back at the First to 10 Interview he had that he said that both MK and DB are two of his most beloved trinity of franchises along with MGS. So I'm not that surprised by his decision.

He did say that he will be back for MK11, and we know this game will come, so he will be back. I'm sure he will be back for MKX tournies, maybe even the 2nd KIT Major at the end of the month, or maybe for EVO for IJ2. In any case, wish him luck wherever he goes to for now.


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Not surprising at all. I mean, he even moved on to DBFZ just like Sonic and Theo. Matter of fact, he was in Top 8 at Viennality. Thats his game now until MK11 comes and brings everybody back.