FOX SonicFox wins Injustice 2 at Kumite in Tennessee 2018

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by STORMS, Dec 28, 2017.

By STORMS on Dec 28, 2017 at 10:12 PM

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    Updated below with the final results below! Click the spoiler.

    The stellar event that is very much right around the corner (January 5th - 7th, 2018) recently received some awesome news and Injustice 2 players should be all ears. Thanks to StreamMe's "War of the Gods" online event, "War of the Gods" is throwing in a $1,000 pot bonus for Injustice 2!

    If you haven't registered, (ONLINE REGISTRATION ENDS TOMORROW!) or you need more info on Kumite in Tennessee, go here.



    Source: KIT's tweet
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First off, Welcome to TestYourMight! My main objective nowadays is to keep you as updated as I possibly can in regards to NetherRealm Studios news, especially dealing with Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by STORMS, Dec 28, 2017.

    1. Jynks
      This is all great but a far cry short of the 10Ks that were thrown around in mkx days... why so little?
    2. big j gleez
      big j gleez
      Because it isn't Nether Realm giving the pot bonus. It seems NRS is giving pot bonuses out on their IPS tournaments. I wouldn't expect big pot bonuses until season 2. This is big of though. Thanks guys!
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    3. Eldriken
      Look at who the source of the $10k pots are versus where this $1k pot is coming from...

      Come on, Jynks.
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    4. Jynks
      well, yeah.. obviously... I'm just saying ... isn't it interesting that the monitory support is not the same this time from WB ... could that be from the pro-leagues and stuff? I just think it is interesting that we are not nseeing the majors get the same treatment.
    5. Braindead
      Lmao at Jynks being Jynks
    6. Mr Aquaman
      Mr Aquaman
      Money doesn't grow on trees, and this isn't even being streamed on our platform

      Be humble, I came from no pot bonuses
    7. trufenix
      dude, if there's a victim card to be played, Jynks will always play it. The rest of us know you're doing god's work. Thank you, Mr. Aquaman.
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    8. LaidbackOne
      I know that I already told this to you about 100 times but dude, you're the worst. Fuck...
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    9. CrimsonShadow
      There was a time when people were grateful for a $1000 pot bonus from any source :D

      In addition, there was a time where (even the best) players saved their own money to travel to tournaments because they loved competing and they loved the game. I'm glad things have advanced a lot from where we started.. But I'm hoping people never lose that spirit that makes this something extra special.

      Happy New Year :)
    10. Jynks
      You all seem to be misunderstanding me here. I'm not complaining and I am not even talking about the event really and, with all due respect to @Mr Aquaman I didn't even mention Stream.Me or suggest that they should be putting up a bigger pot.

      I'm just talking about the support the game is getting from WB in relation to MKx days.

      I am not sure how people can look at a time when WB was throwing around 10K bonuses like candy and a time when they are not doing it at all as "the same". Surly this marks some different policy in the way they are approaching the pro-scene and how they support it. At best maybe it is because of the pro-leauge maybe taking much of those funds or something... and at worst is could be a mark of them starting to push IJ2 aside.

      Isn't that a topic that is worth talking about?
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    11. CrimsonShadow
      But yet you didn’t remember that not every tournament in the MKX days had a 10K pot bonus.. Just because they did it for *some* of the tournaments, doesn’t mean they did it for all of them.

      And moreover, there was no IPS back then — only ESL, which was completely online until finals. So NRS’ way of supporting offline majors then was just to give random pot bonuses to certain events. It’s now a completely different landscape with an overarching goal and an offline season — with a defined beginning and end.

      Jynks I know you’re fond of doing this, but your argument is like a shovel, and you’re digging yourself in deeper the farther you go :p

      Sometimes you have to know when to tap out and come back to fight another day :)
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    12. Jynks
      Well, I'm not making any argument. I am just attempting to have a discussion about something I care about. I have actually not put out ANY opinion of any kind.. all I did was ask if anyone had some thoughts on why WB and NRS seem to not be supporting the majors in the same way as before. Or maybe they are.. the point was to discuss it.

      Well, yeah.. obviously.. such a trivial thing needs not to be said, dose it? Of course, they only funded some.. but KIT was one of them that is now not funded.. and I haven't checked but I am sure they funded a lot more than they have in IJ2 days so far.

      exactly.. I did say this three times, BTW.... that maybe it is because of a redirection of WB funds into the pro-leagues.

      It is no secret that the locals are falling apart from the advancements in Online Play as well as a host of extremely good online scenes like what is going on with the good folks at and The North. IMO Stream.Me are the MVPs of the entire scene and are trail blazing into what the future of the FGC may look like. Large.. open online events which are "kind of" a replacement of the locals. People can play the pros, get experience and confidence outside of the Majors.

      Even so, this is troubling to some people that grew up in the arcades and at the locals. As many people feel the locals are dying out. I see posts on this all the time at TYM.

      The troubling question for me is if the advancement of the FGC into television and a high stakes pro-league will in some ways reduce corporate funding of the Majors. For while I love the Online Scenes, I think the Majors are absolutely vital to the FGC. I do not actually think they are going away anytime soon and there is nothing wrong with them going back to entirely community run events.

      Even so, I seem to sense a shift in how the FGC is being managed at the corporate level and all I am trying to do here is discuss it.
    13. DoDaMuSiC
      What time does pools starts and which channel they will be streamed?
    14. Chopstickwarfare
      Would like to know this as well. Thought it was supposed to start at 11:00, not sure what channel its going to be on.
    15. trufenix
    16. STORMS
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    17. CrimsonShadow
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    18. CrimsonShadow
    19. Slymind
      Im really happy for Scar, he really deserved it imo, and against the person that almost sent Fox to losers.
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    20. II Tundra II
      II Tundra II
      FIGHT COACH FIGHT!!! Let’s go!!
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    21. TakeAChance
      So who are these guys playing now adays?
    22. II Tundra II
      II Tundra II
      Fox-Manta, RH


      I’m sure there’ll be counterpicks and they all have pockets.
    23. ChatterBox
      anyone know when I should look at the archives for top 32 --> 8?
    24. Badboy Takuma
      Badboy Takuma
      when does this get started? how many ours from now?


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