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Former NRS, Hector Sanchez becomes Producer with Sony in Santa Monica, Ca


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As former NetherRealm Studios' producer, Hector Sanchez announced back on November 15, 2013 that was retiring from the studio, it was something that the community under him did not want to believe. He became a community front-man for NetherRealm Studios - always listening to the fans, hanging out at fighting game tournaments such as the Evolution World Finals, along with other NRS members including Paulo Garcia, John Edwards, Ed Boon and more. He will be greatly missed within the Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us communities.

For those who may have been wondering, today we have learned that Hector's twitter account information has been updated. With this being said, we'd like to congratulate him for becoming a Producer at Sony Santa Monica! Their studio is most currently known for God of War, Starhawk, Journey, flOw, Twisted Metal to name a few.


Photo via Poto2222
Source: https://twitter.com/hecterrific


Ya'll stingy
after the first or second patch for injustice, i could tell he wasn't mentally invested in the game or his job anymore. he was saying things that scrubs from here would write. he did exactly what seth killian did when he left capcom.
Seth Killian and Hector are at the same studio?

If they hire David Sirlin, fuck the xbone- i'll buy a PS4 because that's a recipe for greatness.