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Tech - Cyrax Forget Injustice 2. Now we are getting serious. Crazy midscreen set-up.


AKA Ponkster
Feast your eyes on my new set-up! Not for the faint hearted; this new set-up is super effective!

There is NO escape from Cyrax (ok you can.... don't ruin my moment!)

Bonus forgot to mention in the video!

You can run under and do mid bomb and you're still safe. This opens up new ways of mixing the opponent. For example instead of doing F131close bomb, do F131 mid ground - run under close ground bomb. You can now block wake-ups then use the bomb for a Htb or grab.

Armor breaking wake-ups.

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The Power of Lame Compels You
This kind of shit is why we need AT LEAST another year of MKX. So much we still don't know.


AKA Ponkster
Yeah but Cyrax is a bottom 5 character according to his community
If you still play him the old way, then it is easy to see why they came to this conclusion.

His new stuff is extremely potent.

Its laughable that people are already trying to place the inj2 roster into tiers. Not even got a training mode.