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Video/Tutorial FOREVER EL1TE(NightWing) VS Kinetic Balding(Cyborg)

AK L0rdoftheFLY

I hatelove this game
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Last three times I played balding score was like this:

2 months ago

1 month ago

2 days ago

The last set was no brows online tourney. The matches were pretty close after the first one.

I'd call this progress. The key is landing the j3 combos in the corner catching him in the air. That's how I get all my damage.

The mid screen game is a 50/50 between gfb to gfb or iafb to gfb.

Gfb to gfb gets a jump over. If he iafb after gfb you can gs or mb gs and dash.

Iafb to iafb gets beat by gs.

Iafb to gfb stuffs gs and has to be a read to block or jump over.

Spacing and making the read on jump over wingdings is important as well as baiting his counter to WD and commiting to a j3 combo.