For Honor

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by kabelfritz, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. kabelfritz

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  2. Juggs

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  3. CrazyFingers

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    Wait is this game out!?
  4. WB-chan

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    this looks good
  5. Juggs

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    The closed alpha is out. You have to sign up for it on forhonorgame . com
  6. CrazyFingers

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    I see, PC Only?
  7. Juggs

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    PC, XB1 and PS4. I'm playing on XB1
  8. CrazyFingers

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  9. BanTheTesters

    BanTheTesters "This Gun can STOP the Flash..."

    They are having issue with ppl not being able to send Alpha codes to im stuck here waiting to get in...
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  10. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    I've been watching Aris stream this and im liking what im seeing. This game looks really fun. Just watching people play it is intense.

    The Conqueror is the character i want to play the most.

    If Pokken and Smash are considered fighting games then this is definitely a fighting game.

    Good shit man! First time I've seen someone get Revenge mode in 1v1.
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  11. Gesture Required Ahead

    Gesture Required Ahead Get on that hook

    I wanna play so bad
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  12. WB-chan

    WB-chan Premium Supporter
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    waiting for my invite

    game looks fckin sick
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  13. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    The 4v4 Dominion mode is sick, can't wait to play it with friends. Each mode, 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 are all fun
  14. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    That was literally my 2nd duel ever. I'm still a noob but I'm getting the hang of it
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  15. WiseM0nkey

    WiseM0nkey welcome to the ButtSlam

    still waiting for my code
  16. Trauma_and_Pain

    Trauma_and_Pain Filthy Casual

    The reveal trailer was pretty hype. But it looks kinda average to me. Limited gameplay depth. Like once you play 2 dozen matches you'd get bored and just go back to your favorite games. Just my first impression.

    Also it's Ubisoft. Fuck those guys. I already know they're going to nickel-and-dime the shit out of this game.
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  17. Jeffrey Wolf

    Jeffrey Wolf I freeze you

    @Juggs, so, I take it you're liking it? Been excited about this game for awhile, but haven't gotten to play.
  18. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers ADM Member #ZoneThemThenRushThem

    Where do I sign up for this? I'm hyped
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  19. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    Was gonna try to get in but the beta is over already :( i really want this game.

    @Juggs The 4v4 mode doesn't look that fun from watching it.

    How is the gameplay depth limited. The fighting system seems really deep to me.
  20. Juggs

    Juggs Lose without excuses
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    Yeah, it's a fun game and has an RPG element to it with unlocking gear for your characters.
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  21. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    So now that the beta is over who do you guys want to main?

    I want to main Conqueror. I really like his defensive playstyle and he just looks badass especially dat flail!
  22. TheGangstaFace

    TheGangstaFace Psn, Xbox, Twitter: TheGangstaFace

    It comes out on my birthday fam. I'm coppin it!!
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  23. Aramonde

    Aramonde Noob

    Its so far away though :( hopefully they'll have another beta before then. Lol that it comes out on Valentines day XD

    Which character are you liking the best?
  24. TheGangstaFace

    TheGangstaFace Psn, Xbox, Twitter: TheGangstaFace

    Honestly I've only seen the couple gameplay demos and I don't plan on looking to anything more. They're gonna have a Beta after the Alpha so I'll check that out to be sure I'm interested. I think I'm digging the Viking the most honestly
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  25. Juggs

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    Totally forgot the closed alpha was basically only for the weekend. I would have played it a lot more had I realized that. But, here's my review.

    For Honor is an action RPG fighting hack and slash game. It's similar to Dark Souls, a fighting game, a little bit of Dynasty Warriors, and probably a bunch of others games in which I haven't played.

    The combat system is pretty interesting. You have two basic attacks, a light and heavy attack. As you would expect, the light attack does less damage but is quicker, and the heavy attack does more damage but is slower. You have a health bar and stamina bar. Now I didn't test things as much as I would want to, because as I said, I forgot the alpha ended today. So based on what I remember, your stamina is used from attacking, blocking, dodging and running/rolling. When your stamina bar is empty, the screen goes black and white until it refills. It refills fairly quickly if you just back off from the opponent.

    There's 3 stances, left, right, and overhead. In all three stances, you can see both you and your opponents stances by a white visual indicator (you can also see them in the stance animation). When the opponent comes in for an attack, the white indicator turns red. To block an incoming attack, your stance simply has to match the enemies.

    There's also a guard break. This is performed by pressing towards and X on XB1. After you successfully break their guard, you can throw them or perform a combo. Throwing is good in duels to throw them off ledges and get an instant victory. A throw also knocks them down and you can hit them on wake up but I think they can block on wake up, not sure.

    There's a revenge mode that is built like a super meter. Not entirely sure what it does but I think it gives you more health and unlimited stamina. Again, not really sure at all honestly.

    There's also an RPG aspect where you get loot after battles, and can purchase loot bags with in game currency. The loot is different sets of armor, weapons and weapon parts. All which affect the stats of your character.

    I could say more but I'm at work. Overall, I'll probably be gettin this game when it comes out next year.
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