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Florida v. Texas 10 Player vs 10 Player Money Match At Combo Breaker 2019

There's apparently some longstanding beef going on between the Florida NRS scene and the Texas NRS scene. With some talk about a money match going on the past few months, we have it officially locked in for Combo Breaker 2019.


For Florida, we have:

PG Kitana Prime
DR Gross
Big D
Forever King
Beyond Toxin

For Texas:

Noble Mr. Aquaman
King Gambler

It's $2000 on the line, and it's going down at 10pm on Saturday. If they stream it (I'm sure they will), we'll get y'all that information when it's available.


Can someone tell me where I can stream this? Ive never watched any of the major tourneys live.
[Can someone tell me where I can stream this? Ive never watched any of the major tourneys live.]
Well it says in the article that they`ll have that information on this exhibition when it is available but if you mean Combobreaker generally it will be streamed on numerous twitch channels. MK will likely be on the Netherrealm channel I imagine.
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The Texans may be way over their heads with this one... I respect their confidence (delusions) though.
Texas is looking like the team of scrappy underdogs and one ringer in a sports movie right now, but I'm from Texas so I'm in that corner.
If Scar and Deoxys can take out Semiij, Gross, and either Big D or Forever King, I think we could stand a chance. Not a great chance, but a chance. Ominous, Starcharger, and Coosco are good enough to get some upsets. My big question is Nashfan. I know he was a good Ivy and even had a big upset over Dragon during the Kombat Kup one week.