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Discussion in 'Flash' started by DragonPick, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    - Quick looking multi hit combos, similar to his appearance in MKvDC
    - He may have a Command Dash, but it seems more likely that his simple dash animation (f, F or something similar) is just a quick burst forward.
    - A really quick, but short range low punch with his elbow (similar to a D1?)
    - Some type of of leaping slam attack with his fist. May be an overhead, I'm quite sure it's not a jumping normal, because his jump during the attack is quite different from his regular jumping. I'm thinking something similar to Jax's Overhead
    - Some kind of dashing attack and maybe two versions? He dashes diagonally upwards to strike his opponent and another move where he dashes forward for a hit

    That's what I got so far, anything I missed or any corrections?

  2. KombatNerd

    KombatNerd Justice 4 Firestorm

    That dash did have particle effects of some kind following it, so I'm inclined to believe it's not a simple FF. (Just like Kabal in MK9).

    Flash Dash Cancels. <3


    But I'll re-watch the footage again to be sure.
  3. streetsweep187

    streetsweep187 Kneel before me

    I can't fucking wait!!!!!!! As a dc fan and most of all a flash fan I'm having multiple nerdgasms...this game is going to be epic.......EPIC I TELL YOU!!!!!!!:eek:
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  4. Remember how Sub-Zero had the Ice Parry in one trailer for MK9?
  5. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    You're probably right, I still just see a regular dash when he does it. Especially since he blocked during it, but it could be a cancel

    So we shouldn't make moveset speculation topics, then?
  6. KombatNerd

    KombatNerd Justice 4 Firestorm

    It's definitely looking more like a regular dash the more I look at it.
  7. If it was up to me that would be the case. The game was announced a couple of days ago, is at least a year away from release, and there's only been a few screenshots and a few minutes of actual gameplay released so far.

    But it's not up to me so all I can do is caution against taking what we've seen so far too seriously. Trailers and gameplay footage released when a game is announced are designed to make the game look as hype as possible. I wouldn't count on anything that we've seen so far being in the final product until we start seeing it in a few months.
  8. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
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    PND OmegaK
    Looks like a command dash similar to Reptiles, but shorter. I imagine it's just for getting from A to B.
  9. DragonPick

    DragonPick I don't play Runescape

    Fair enough, I can understand the confusion that can cause. I won't speculate about what we see in vids anymore, then

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