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Flame Fist Liu Kang is broken (and not in the way you think)

Is Flame Fist actually broken?

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Flame Fist Liu Kang is simply put, broken.

Because this statement is very conclusive here is your proof:

Exhibit A: Ex Windmill Punches into bf1 jails only on specific characters and depends on whether or not they are crouching

Exhibit B: Ex bf1 a mid that acts as a high even when it is crouch blocked by the majority of the cast + bf1 crouch blocked high does not hit on certain characters.

Exhibit C: Certain characters can alter the windmill punches on block by moving their hurt box a certain way. Specific characters can choose to avoid the entire mixup after block windmill punches while others can avoid a significant amount of chip by blocking this way or some both.

Exhibit D: Windmill punches into low fireball can be jumped over (forward jump or back jump) by only a select few characters and is dependent on whether or not the opponent crouches before jumping over. (Characters I know that have this advantage are: Sonya, Jason, Kung Lao, Scorpion, Tanya, Bo Rai Cho, and Jacqui Briggs.

Exhibit E: Only Alien and Mileena can not jump out of the gap for windmill punches into db2 on block.
(No video got lazy)

Exhibit F: Another dumb issue that shouldn't exist.

Sorry in advance to all the Flame Fist mains for exposing all this but I want this fixed.

Flame Fist has had these issues for a long time now. Some of them are well known, some of them are not and I thought for sure Nether Realm would at least fix the slide issue with the most recent patch but they didn't which left me wondering does anybody care about Flame Fist?

Please Nether Realm fix this poor mutation and provide justice for Flame Fist mains.


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Yeah, all of these were known for a good while, they did expand the hitbox of wps and fireballs slightly though, some of the inconsistencies of the wps used to create plus frames when the last hit whiffs as well.


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just a hitbox issue , quite a few moves in the game that are altered by crouch blocking as opposed to stand blocking so I'm not seeing this being anything other than a quality of life issue at this point in the game's life which means that you're unfortunately probably going to need to learn to live with even though i do agree it's dumb and definitely hurts him.

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I posted this a long while ago. Apparently it's "breathing hitboxes" whatever those are.
The game is full of these. Back when Tanya had ex Tonfa Toss plus frames, 1/3 of the cast would get jailed, 1/3 not get jailed and the other 1/3 would sometimes jail. As the opponent blocks, their hurtbox moves up and down, causing moves to sometimes whiff. It's pretty dumb because it equates to randomness.


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You wanna know what's more broke than that?

poke + windmill


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The parry has inconsistencies as well, some highs, mids and standing overheads do not get punished at all, like Kitanas Shoryuken, maybe even Throat Slash as well, but thats not just a Flamefist problem though, other characters with parries have to deal with the inconsistencies too.

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All know :p

High Fireball and EX Fireball wiffing against crouch block pisses me off A LOT :mad:
The normal Fireball whiffing I can sorta deal with, but I lose my shit every time I see EX Fireball whiff... I'm not a salty person, but I've had it cost me matches, and the amount of sodium in my diet when that happens could kill a small family of elephants.


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Interesting thread. Flame fist is already borderline S tier, his only real weakness is air to air. Even though these are technically hitbox issues, if you were to correct these he would be stifling and definitely S tier.


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Interesting thread. Flame fist is already borderline S tier, his only real weakness is air to air. Even though these are technically hitbox issues, if you were to correct these he would be stifling and definitely S tier.
S as ''brokenly good"? Would't that mean he would body most of the cast ? Unlikely, but maybe.


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So that non jailing fireball only works on mileena? This is all ollllld stuff that most people know already, its not "broken" its just stupid hitbox issues. Also, that jax issue has been in the game from day one and jax gets bodied by flame fist because of it.

Basically 2 years and people still cant fight ff, i think df is better because hes real safe but eh. I remember telling paulo some of these issues with liu in the online beta and he said "is that a character problem or a you problem". I knew then that shit wouldnt get fixed.