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First Look at SPINAL in these high-res screenshots!

Acid Hand

The Acid Hand
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I saw these pictures and did not see them on TYM. Spinal is the latest crave for Killer Instinct. Tonight, everyone was hoping for some Spinal action on the Microsoft stream but it was confirmed not to happen. However, the team did hint at some Spinal news coming "tonight". Could this have been it? Check out these awesome high-resolution images of Spinal below!

source: http://playxbla.com/first-look-at-killer-instincts-spinal-check-out-the-screenshots/

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Oh shit, green skulls?!? Quan-Chi's amping Spinal!! :/ lol

Nice shield


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High-Res Screenshots? What? The pictures are 1,024px × 576px. Shockingly, that's actually a lower resolution that what consoles run the games at before upscaling. Silly peasants