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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Gamer68, Mar 15, 2017.

By Gamer68 on Mar 15, 2017 at 5:43 PM
  1. Gamer68

    Gamer68 Let's put you on ice!

    Link above for official post about Source Crystals, including a Q&A.

    I think we all knew that microtransactions would make it's way into Injustice 2 somehow. Despite them saying there's no way to "pay to win", they never really touched up on whether or not there would be microtransactions at all.

    Well, microtransactions ARE in the game -- as expected and speculated by many -- but it seems to be 100% cosmetic only. Here are some important "key points" in the post above:
    • "We value our community and want to be clear – you cannot “pay to win” with Injustice 2."
    • Source Crystals are premium currency that can be bought with real money.
    • They can be used to buy Shaders, Premier Skins, and Transform Gear. If you like the stats of one of your gear pieces, but not the visuals, you can "Transform Gear" and make it look differently. Stats will stay the same though.
    • They can be used to quick-unlock certain items like Shaders and Premier Skins mentioned above (this makes it sound like there are unlockable Premier Skins in the game, by the way). When you Max a character out a Level 20, you can spend Source Crystals to instantly Max out another character.
    • Price for Source Crystals will be communicated at a later date.
    • Again, "Source Crystals will not give you or other players an advantage in the game. They are used for cosmetic options and time saving purposes only."
    Honestly, I'm fine with this. As long as there's no pay to win in the game, I'm fine. What do you think?

    Also, check out the official Firestorm trailer and Swamp Thing vs Cheetah gameplay from today's NetherRealm stream.

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Gamer68, Mar 15, 2017.

    1. ImperatrixSindel
      Yep, this is fine. Of all the ways microtransactions could be in (and they definitely were going to be in) this is the least destructive. I appreciate the Transform Gear option, too, since cosmetics are important to me.
    2. DDustiNN
      Isn't paying to max out a character to level 20 sort of a "pay to win" kind of thing? Sure you still need to get gear I guess, but the level alone would make quite a difference wouldn't it?
    3. Gamer68
      Not really?

      You would definitely get better gear faster, but you still have to earn the gear (by playing matches) AND also the instant Max out. You have to Max out a character first, then it lets you Max out another for using SC. Pretty much 2 for 1, vs. 1 for 1. You still have to work for it, and you also have to pay for it, it will just be a little quicker.

      (So pretty much what I mean is that you can just keep instantly upgrading your characters. You can't just spend $5 to keep doing that. There's still work involved)

      I also want to point out that Level 20 gear isn't always better than lower-level gear. In the Beta, I actually had some Level 1 gear that was better than my Level 2 gear, as an example. If that sorta carries over across all Levels in the full-game, then it means you could have Level 17 gear that's better than Level 20 gear. I think it really depends on the Rarity of gear you get, not just the Level.

      Also, it seems that you can earn Source Crystals just by playing the game, but it may take a lot of grinding before you can purchase anything:
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    4. Shang_Tsung
      I'm all for them finding ways to make money off this , in return we get more content and longer support for the game itself !
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    5. Cjfgiants
      No the level doesn't impact the stats of the character. It simply increases the chance to get gear
    6. AcCooper20
      I have no problem with this. I actually prefer it this way.
    7. jrock920
      this is the fighting game version of ultimate team a great addition
    8. shaowebb
      This trailer is cool. I like how we also stealth see Catwoman's new tool of summoning her attack like Phoenix Wright's "get em missile".
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    9. MKF30
      This is GREAT news and I'm actually glad they finally dived into the gear system from a cosmetic/artistic perspective even if it's 5 mins, we all know how it'll work gameplay wise but this is important for the more creative players or players who just like to play around with their characters looks to make them look very unique and different from everyone else's. It's also good to have options and that it doesn't effect gameplay/gear system so nobody can bitch. I personally don't have nearly as much time to play games all day like I used to back in the 90's or even 10-15 years ago for that matter. So I will pay my good earned money for getting a Grey Superman or classic Firestorm costume(Ronnie Raymond bright, vintage orange anyone?) while they retain the option to grind and get them for free but for how many hours of gaming? For someone who only gets a chance to play few times a week that could be an issue if they want a certain color or costume, so NRS gives us the option. Thank you for that!

      Only remote downside to the gear system cosmetically that I can think of is the preferable option would have been something similar to MKA's KAK or a WWE game with fully free customization, color options ie say I pick MOS outfit ok(gear aside) I should be able to change the color scheme, and not just mix and match "S crests" which til now didn't seem to be possible but according to their explanation should now be possible which is fucking awesome! [NOTE:not have a create a character in Injustice like MKA but offer the same free color customization/palette costume options to my hearts desires) but none the less, this is the second best thing so Props NRS for thinking of that, trust me players like me will take advantage of that. But to go back to my point, say I pick the MOS costume(regardless if it's primary or just an alternate skin/costume) I should have the option to literally change the colors how I see fit ie making the belt, boots, gloves and cape bright neon glowing green if I want with dark purple(instead of blue) costume, Silver trim on the "S" crest, with black background behind it etc. I was a little disappointed they didn't give us free palette/customization options but I read in one of the recent interviews from Boon or Derek(forget which) that we'll have lots of options to have different colors with shaders and having about 35-40 each or something per character but that as long as it's "within the characters theme" or something...this must be DC telling NRS "you can offer color changes for this character with these colors, but not those colors" so I guess DC doesn't want a black or white blue beetle or a pink Superman. Which is kind of funny because there actually was a Rainbow Batman in the comics a while back.

      I hope this is something that NRS implements in MK 11 WITH a full free color palette option.

      @tylerlansdown @colt Guys, telling you this idea is awesome and you'll be loved for it. Having a black and blue Smoke or Blue and White Ermac with red glowing eyes would be sweet! I know DC is different with the licences and all but MK is all you guys, hope you make it happen or consider it at least for MK 11 and beyond! Would be like mods as part of the game cosmetically! While there's the invisibility option online, I remember with 3D MK's and MK 9 I'd bump into that occasional prick who would not just counterpick me but use the same character AND costume to try to confuse me....this option would eliminate that for sure but of course that rarely happens but still, would be awesome for the players creativity to load out online, offline(with the option to just keep it cosmetic of course) I really do hope to see I2 tourneys with players loading their modified characters(cosmetic wise)

      Thanks for the news though and options for I2, I am very happy with the source crystal buying options! Thank you. Game looks great, I look forward to it and that gear, tower and DLC streams.

      All that cosmetic gear stuff, outfits, costumes and shader discussion aside. Great stream, totally maining Firestorm, will probably use Swamp Thing but not as much as I thought(that was before Fate, FS and God knows who else will be shown lol)as I admit I initially thought he'd have a tad bit of a different play style from the first trailer but he does look cool. Oh and hope Derek gets better.
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    10. Thefish
      Lol at catwoman's little pussy cat running across the screen.
    11. Thefish
      Aaannndddd killer croc for dlc. Yes!
    12. Shang_Tsung
      I need Killer Croc with a King Shark Skin ! Make it happen
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    13. MKF30
      Oh if they have a take questions for gear stream in the near future, I would ask Can you put/use the shaders on the Premiere skins/costumes too? hmmm surprised nobody has wondered about this. Example, say I use the Reverse Flash skin/costume on Flash, ok we can use the gears but can I change the shade/color of that skin/costume? Just curious, I wonder if they can answer this or if it's too early...
    14. Blitzace10
      I am 100 percent ok with this.
    15. Thefish
      Be kind of annoying if it's similar to for honor in the way that one head crest is like 5000 steel and you earn 23-43 or so steel per match.
    16. ImperatrixSindel
      They said the premiere skins take the place of the shader, so presumably not.
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    17. MKF30
      Awe man. They did? damn I must have missed that the first time. Thanks for clarifying.
    18. ImperatrixSindel
      Yep. Premier Skins have just the one look, overwriting any gear. They're technically shaders. It's a bummer, but it also means they can include a whole bunch of them potentially, so I'll take it.
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    19. MKF30
      RagsTheGoat it's optional and doesn't effect gameplay, not "play to win"why would you complain? NRS is awesome for offering this option.:D

      I hear ya, so technically while the premiere skins aren't really "shaders" NRS is considering a "shader" essentially. Hmm. I can't fault them too much, I'm sure some will say that's lazy or something but I'm fine with that. I mean there's always those types of fans who literally want everything you can think of lol. I agree though it's still a lot of options, and I'm sure we'll be getting a shit ton more premiere skins. I want classic Firestorm look that would be cool and Flash (I read a leak he'll have CW and classic look) of course not confirmed but the way leaks have been becoming true

      What has me happy and excited about it is I was hoping there would be more cosmetic, deeper options. This will be it no doubt plus maybe more updates who knows? That transform-gears option is cool too, combining the gears to your liking is pretty sick. I was hoping and wondering if they'd have this option. Like pretty much have a Batman Beyond head piece with a kryptonite suit green, I can do that.

      I hope this opens the doors for MK 11 for an even deeper modification system(you know how people modded their own MK characters, a lot of which were sweet on youtube PC vids?) Well imagine them adding that option for EVERY Console version of the game? The possibilities would be insanely cool.
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    20. Kooron Nation
      Kooron Nation
      Damn what's that new stage with Killer Croc stage transition? Also Firestorm looks sick
    21. Shang_Tsung
      Killer Croc has a lot of detail in his design to not be in at least as a skin ! Along with black manta
    22. conqueror
      Hopefully there is a try anything before buying it/unlocking it
      Also they don't make finding gear hard to force people to buy them
    23. BowTheDeceitful
      I am SO HAPPY that they are doing this! I'm one of the few where Micro transactions do not bother me, especially if I can buy a shader/premier skin I want immediately and save who knows how much time if shaders truly are just a luck drop. And I love that you can transmog gear, totally reminding me of WoW haha.
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    24. DDustiNN
      Really? I guess I never really noticed, since I always had new gear on as I leveled up my characters. I never went back and checked their base stats at different levels.

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