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Discussion in 'Firestorm' started by PharaohLite, May 19, 2017.

  1. PharaohLite

    PharaohLite Run Cancels Breh

    Whats up guys. Pharaoh here. Lets discuss matchups for our beloved firestorm here. ill update the thread once we come to a general consensus on some of his mu's. I actually feel he has a good amount of winning and losing mu's, but lets discuss!
  2. -LD50-

    -LD50- In a relationship with Killer Frost

    Not too specific but in general:

    I feel he is really favored against unsafe, far-reaching neutral characters. Particularly scarecrow and robin, but aquaman to some extent as well. It is just so easy to bait whiffs and be able to full combo punish because of trap and not needing to get in with a string to full combo punish.

    I absolutely hate the Batman MU and it feels awful to me. Just not much in fs's arsenal to stop j2 spam
  3. KoKorean

    KoKorean Tries so hard, only to fail harder

    Ye his lack of a gud AA makes that mu hard
  4. BlvckGxd

    BlvckGxd Noob

    Nah the batman matchup is lovely for me. Batman has no way to get in honestly, I just keep him away with fireballs until he gets in. and when he does get in finish your combo strings with bf3 to get him fullscreen again.
  5. ArmedCalf

    ArmedCalf I guess I play Necromancer now.. PSN: ArmedCalf

    Take this with a day 5 grain of salt:

    - He does fine against Superman
    - He does fine against Bladam
    - He does fine against Harley
    - He does fine against Swamp Thing
    - He bodies Aquaman and Scarecrow
    - He has a hard-ish time against Fate/Deadshot

    - He apparently loses to Batman
    - He seems to do fine against Robin
    - He seems to do fine against Brainiac
    - iunno what the hell Supergirl even is for him lol gotta lab it

    - I think he does okay against Cold

    I need to lab a lot of these a bit more, like I said it's only day 5, but I would say he 100% beats Aquaman and Scarecrow
  6. After playing firestorm for a while I can say he's hot garbage. He has NO reliable AA and no overhead or low starters. His damage is medium. He has good corner carry and a decent crouch 1. He has no safe wakeup options. Too bad when you get your opponent to the corner you have no high/low mixups. He has almost no redeeming qualities.
  7. ArmedCalf

    ArmedCalf I guess I play Necromancer now.. PSN: ArmedCalf

    Lack of AA is probably the only true weakness. He doesn't need a 50/50, he doesn't need a safe wake-up option. Why are you trying to mix your opponent in the corner, back off and make them make a mistake trying to get out.

    This is a character that has safe frames up close and a pretty legit zoning game from 3/4 of the screen. He's pretty decent at whiff punishing moves. Stop play MKX with him and start playing Injustass
  8. his zoning isn't that good either because his projectile is a high. He's not good.
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  9. -LD50-

    -LD50- In a relationship with Killer Frost

    He doesn't need a mid hitting projectile when he has trap and you have to respect delayed mb

    No one here from what I see is claiming FS as top5 but you need to lab, play, and watch some gameplay to check what you're talking about
  10. Yea I am checking what I'm talking about. All of it. You're going off of theory.
  11. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    Wtf character are you playing???

    He has a plus on block overhead that leads to 610 damage..with a low starter that's staggerable. Put trait on and you literally have safe overhead or low starters. His lack of AA is the only true argument here
  12. Firestorm. I'm litteraly scratching my head right now. He has low and overhead starters? When???!?? Where?!!!?
  13. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    Bd2 lol it's a starter..'s a starter and +4
  14. Opinion on the Darkseid matchup?
  15. PharaohLite

    PharaohLite Run Cancels Breh

    The deashot mu, like pretty much every other character, is difficult. However, firestorm probably has more tools than most to deal with him, but deadshot can easily interrupt far traps and win the zoning war. 6-4? 5-5? sidenote: I REALLY wish firestorm was a power character and not a gadget.
  16. Dr_3k

    Dr_3k Noob

    Learned that you can punish most projectiles as long as you are in range for multin trap the aquaman matchup seems easy now with from the deep being -20 something
  17. kevkopdx

    kevkopdx Noob

    f3??? everyone has that and isnt that like 30 start up frames?? bd2 is only a starter if you meterburn, im confused... he has no normal overhead or low starters, im pretty sure thats what he meant
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  18. xQUANTUMx

    xQUANTUMx Twitter: @xxQUANTUM
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    The neutral game lends itself more to whiff punishing and letting the opponent hang themselves now. It's not jump in auto win button. His AA in the traditional sense are poor but I've been able to anti air with s1, fireball and burst. Just not with 100% consistency unfortunately (like aquaman d2)

    I'm currently grinding the fate match with a training partner and while it is challenging, the more I learn about fate the "easier" it gets. This is a char that you need to corner and can abuse on knockdown, So FS has to switch gears here and go after him. I use ex fb as a punisher or KD tool to get free dashes in. Very meter heavy match for both chars
  19. -LD50-

    -LD50- In a relationship with Killer Frost

    hes gotta swithc gears and go after a lot of the cast. I dont mind the fate MU though because once you get him in the corner he cant really get out.

    deadshot MU isn't bad either - just find the time window to mb trap as he starts up another shot then fcp

    anti airing with s1, fireball,burst, or s3 is a thing but its still awful AA nonetheless. Its pitiful that backdashing and fireball feel like my best aa options and in crossup range he really has no answer other than to read the jump in and jump back j1 or j3
  20. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    I don't know the exact string input but I was playing Jonnitti last night hand he was using a string that hit mid first and the 2nd hit was an overhead. He would replace the 2nd hit with his low fireball thing and randomly meter burn it to keep me in check. It was pretty shitty to deal with and was hard to block.
  21. STB Shujinkydink

    STB Shujinkydink Burning down in flames for kicks

    His f3 is pretty quick, and deals massive damage. Bd2 yes is only a starter when mb but can hit from 3/4 screen.
  22. xQUANTUMx

    xQUANTUMx Twitter: @xxQUANTUM
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    I never thought to use s3 against jumpers. I'll try it. His jump normals piss me off. I lose air to airs often vs say using supes' j1 or bm.
  23. xQUANTUMx

    xQUANTUMx Twitter: @xxQUANTUM
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    Re: batman it's not terrible. I try to find ways to get him to waste his trait as much as I can. J2 is j2 gotta deal with it

    GAMETIME I Bring Knives To A Gun Fight !

    How do you play out the Harley mu? Haven't really played it yet
  25. Jaiyson

    Jaiyson 100% Jamaican

    There is no respecting that MB Flame carpet at all. You can literally jump or mb b3 after blocking the regular version and if your character is close enough to you, you can get full combo punished every time.
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