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Firestorm buff wish list

The only buff I'd give him is to make his trait start fully loaded at the beginning of the match so that he can use it more than once in a fight. It's not all that dominant, so letting him have an extra use of it wouldn't overpower him too much.

Mr. Freeze

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- I say if they don't want to give him lvl 3 trait at the start of the round then increase the rate at which it charges so he can utilize it more than once in a match.

- Buff his D2

John Grizzly

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Aside from a more reliable anti-air, I can't think of anything he's truly lacking. I think he's one of the characters NRS pretty much nailed right off the bat.
give him a real anti air

fix cutscenes destroying his trait

make it so 11 isn't a double high that has a gap between, so that even if you jail into S1, the second hit whiffs like wtf
Though now that I think about he has some good ass mid starters do they'd probably have to bring 112 down to plus 1. A plus string is fine but it should be hi mid mid plus 1 I think.


Very encouraging to read that you guys like Firestorm from what I could tell by glancing over the posts.

I just wish he had more appearance options. I think he looks kinda goofy and scrawny. And a lot of his helmets (if not all) make him look even worse somehow

Havent played with him enough to suggest buffs yet. I'll go lab with him for a bit today and maybe provide more feedback after I get bodied online


Id be happy with only one of the following

112 being made hmm

Ex fireball mid and doesn't go away on hit

1 bar of trait at the start

Trait builds during the end of a round

With one of the above 2, trait doesnt start to drain untill the recovery frames are over

F1332 +1 (the gap the no one exploits wouls make this fair)

Mt df2 (only to make d1mt easier)

Increase the hit box on burst