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Tech - Dragons Fire Fireball Cancel help


Guys is there any updated videos with his fireball cancels. I just picked him up but i cant find much updated videos, or know if many things still work. If anyone could point me in the right direction for the cancels and combos, prefer a tutorial cause he's completely new for me. That would be huge.


fear the moobs
input is bf1-f,f,r2
you want to run as soon as the fireball animation starts
i would start with b1,2 fbc into 1,1,3
when u get that to combo consistntly move to b1,2 fbc into f4,4
then 1,1,2 into f4,4
then f4,4 into f4,4
now you can start doing f2,1,3 into 1,1,2 on block and try to make it jail
finally see if u can jail f2,1,3 into f2,1,3 or f4,4


Thank you two, I got it down offline for now. Another question, what's his move where he breaks wake up armor?