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Final Round Batman Exhibition: Perfect Legend, Forever King and Dartharma. Who will win?

After these 3 Batmen duke it out in a triple threat, what do you think the results will be like?

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Obviously arma.
He has a pocket bane and batman doesn't have much any conversion after d.1

The bat breaking runs deep within his veins.


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I should not be tagged in Batman-related things.

I am a fraud.

Regarding the topic, I think King takes it. I'm a believer.


Arma because his setups are ridiculous.

However, I'd much rather see them play 2 sets with each other - one with the first player using Batman and the other as their secondary, and then vice-versa. Would be 10x more interesting than a mirror match. But, thats just my opinion.


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king and pl both play batman the same, pressure pressure pressure. arma plays towards more setups. Its going to come down to the best rushdown batman pl or king vs the setup batman arma. Can't wait !!


I don't like having to make these kinds of decisions. Why isn't that an option? >_>