Final Round 5v5 - Team VSM Wins - Full Results Inside!

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By STORMS on Mar 3, 2012 at 8:20 PM

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    Well, when VSM arrived they said they had someone who was going to OCV (one character victory) the ENTIRE Team 16 Bit and that person was VSM CRAZY DOMINICAN and it rang true and he eliminated 3 of Team 16 Bit's members before being taken out by DetroitBalln313. From there, vVv CD Jr finished the job and eliminated last standing members of Team 16 Bit, DetroitBall313 and Osu 16 Bit. Below are the stats that I recorded during the matches!

    How it went all down...
    1. Slips (Scorpion) vs CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) = CRAZY DOMINICAN Eliminates Slips 2-0
    2. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage) = CRAZY DOMIONICAN Eliminates GGA Dizzy 2-0
    3. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs Morty Seinfeld (Sonya) = CRAZY DOMINICAN Eliminates Morty Seinfeld 2-0
    4. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs DetroitBalln313 (Kabal) = DetroitBalln313 Eliminates CRAZY DOMINICAN 2-1
    5. vVv CD Jr (Jax) vs DetroitBalln313 (Kabal/Jax) = vVv CD Jr Eliminates DetroitBalln313 2-0
    6. vVv CD Jr vs Osu 16 Bit (Kitana) = vVv CD Jr Eliminates Osu 16 Bit 2-0!

    Streamed reached 840+ viewers!

    NOTE: REO, Maxter and "5th mystery VSM member "Tom Brady" never played

    Thanks to all who helped tune in and make this a success! And Special thanks to Medina4life for the impressive stream quality and hard work!

    cdvsslips.jpg cdvsmorty.jpg cdvsdetroit.jpg

    Did you miss the 5v5? Stay tuned to as he will have them uploaded to his YouTube soon!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by STORMS, Mar 3, 2012.

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    1. A F0xy Grampa
      A F0xy Grampa
      Shouldve done

      Detriot vs CD
      16 bit vs Maxter
      Dizzy vs CD Jr
      Slips vs REO
      Morty vs Brady

      That may tip the scales a little. But seeing Morty and Dizzy play that way against CD would leave me to believe they wouldnt know what to do against Jr too.

      Small openings for big punishes kept coming up constantly and none we're taken advantage of, give them some time to figure it out and maybe the runback will be worthwhile.
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    2. matterovermind

      I hear what you are trying to say.

      But 16-bit is partly accountable for this. The strategy of picking the first player and subsequent player is so essential to this kind of event and is the responsibility of the Captain. You could even hear 16 bit excited when VSM announced they would be putting Crazy Dominican first. He had clearly anticipated it.

      He really underestimated CD. I don't know if he was too focused on "who is the world's best Kit" or "rushdown kit vs zoning Kit", but he totally slept on CD's other skills as a player (adaptability, spacing, etc). Kitana is only CD's character - CD is a beast himself. IMO, he should have stepped in after Slips (as Pig suggested on stream) to 'try' to nip it in the bud. Real talk.

      Also, I think the 'nerves' aspect of this whole thing is at least partly credited to Crazy Dominican steam rolling through Slips with two babalities. It must have been very demoralizing and mind fucking. Imagine having to go up next. CD, and VSM in general played this strategically in a psychological sense.

      All in all, the event was enjoyable and I'm glad CD finally got some much deserved time to shine. This guy is so beastly.
    3. Big Pampering
      Big Pampering
      Yes, if he was the best kitana it would be the most logical choice to go after slips. Putting cage and sonya against kitana was just horrible imo and dizzy HAD to go against cdjr, there was no other way for them to deal with that jax imo
    4. matterovermind
      I'm glad we both agree that 16 is (and was) not the best Kitana.
    5. G4S KT
      G4S KT
      graphics were definitely gdlk
    6. Big Pampering
      Big Pampering
      To me Cd is one of the only players that can play their character in a way like no one can, the other being PL who has a one of a kind raiden and kung lao.
    7. Prinz
      "Let me say this, our first entrant will OCV your team" quote CDjr. Damn, what a demoralizer... Can't win after that lol
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    8. NKZero
      Don't forget Brady's Sub Zero....nobody plays that character quite like him. Also Brady's Raiden (but in a bad way lol). EX electric bolt (whatever it's called) FTW!!
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    9. Bidu
      Slips has tits.
    10. REDRUM
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    11. Gesture Required Ahead
      Gesture Required Ahead
      LOLOLOLOLOOL Imagine the next Kombat Tomb Podcast!

      REO: GET BAYBEE'D BRO...Wait, what am I doing here?
    12. Osirun
      We could do MK: Survival and a more traditional team exhibition too, if there is time after MK Pools on Saturday. MK: Survival is going to throw all kinds of wrenches into players' plans, though! : )
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    13. matterovermind
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    14. REO
      I must say I am very amazed that team 16 bit actually took out one of the players on my team. (especially with our intense training beforehand - ) I was not expecting you guys to get that far, so props. However, the amount of children Slips gave birth to had me worried. I don't want to see any VSM on Maury next week.

      Just like how you guys in OH accepted our 5 vs 5 and then became cowards at SBV? Stop wasting our time. If you're really serious about this then put your money where your mouth is. $100 per person.
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    15. STORMS
      shoulda, woulda, coulda..... but didn't.
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    16. matterovermind
      Hahahahahahahahahaha, Reo, did you edit your post to embed the video? You needa blow that shit up on the front page!
    17. Chaosphere
      I think the shit talking should stop and some respect should be shown. Shit talking at this point doesn't add to any hype, which is the role it served before the 5v5.
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    18. Linkuei82
      I agree. There is no need for the shit talking and trolling.
    19. mekane
      The double babality kick off to the 5v5 might be the hypest thing i've ever seen in mortal kombat. holy sh***TTTTT
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    20. Unreal6S
      HOLY SHIT I really want to see Detroit's Kabal...
    21. Via_Negativa
      After final round it was obvious even Brady could have very possibly taken out slip's with one of "the bottom 3 worst characters in the game" So I really don't think the line up would have changed much.

      That said they still should have put Detroit on first may have made it a bit more of a fighting chance. Hell Detroit with a CD warm up might have even won it for them...
    22. mekane
      How do you figure? After his "CD warm up" he got immediately taken out by CD Jr, 2-0.
    23. MightyWulfgar
      Does somebody have a direct link to watch the 5x5?

      I can't find it on Medina's YouTube or his TwitchTV channel.
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