Final Round 5v5 - Team VSM Wins - Full Results Inside!

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By STORMS on Mar 3, 2012 at 8:20 PM

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    Well, when VSM arrived they said they had someone who was going to OCV (one character victory) the ENTIRE Team 16 Bit and that person was VSM CRAZY DOMINICAN and it rang true and he eliminated 3 of Team 16 Bit's members before being taken out by DetroitBalln313. From there, vVv CD Jr finished the job and eliminated last standing members of Team 16 Bit, DetroitBall313 and Osu 16 Bit. Below are the stats that I recorded during the matches!

    How it went all down...
    1. Slips (Scorpion) vs CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) = CRAZY DOMINICAN Eliminates Slips 2-0
    2. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs GGA Dizzy (Johnny Cage) = CRAZY DOMIONICAN Eliminates GGA Dizzy 2-0
    3. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs Morty Seinfeld (Sonya) = CRAZY DOMINICAN Eliminates Morty Seinfeld 2-0
    4. CRAZY DOMINICAN (Kitana) vs DetroitBalln313 (Kabal) = DetroitBalln313 Eliminates CRAZY DOMINICAN 2-1
    5. vVv CD Jr (Jax) vs DetroitBalln313 (Kabal/Jax) = vVv CD Jr Eliminates DetroitBalln313 2-0
    6. vVv CD Jr vs Osu 16 Bit (Kitana) = vVv CD Jr Eliminates Osu 16 Bit 2-0!

    Streamed reached 840+ viewers!

    NOTE: REO, Maxter and "5th mystery VSM member "Tom Brady" never played

    Thanks to all who helped tune in and make this a success! And Special thanks to Medina4life for the impressive stream quality and hard work!

    cdvsslips.jpg cdvsmorty.jpg cdvsdetroit.jpg

    Did you miss the 5v5? Stay tuned to as he will have them uploaded to his YouTube soon!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News (archives)' started by STORMS, Mar 3, 2012.

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    1. Tolkeen
      Midwest team 2.0 for evo runback. First to 5 or war style. Nwo... I mean ktp, will not be down for long.

      Tapatalk, helping me procrastinate.
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    2. Metzos
      Good matches. Also Medina your stream was godlike, really good job man.
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    3. Derptile
      Double or nothing tomorrow?
    4. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      No better way to start FR. CDSr. wins FR but he gotta beat his own team for the victory in the end lol

      VSM gonna be the top 5 alone. haaa
    5. Espio
      I don't care what anybody says, every match was intense, such a beautiful show, just wish it was a bit longer, but it was definitely amazing to see.

      Is it me or does REO look like he's peeing on a fire hydrant in his pic lol.

      Salty runback is necessary:).
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    6. CY MasterHavik
      CY MasterHavik
      Is there suppose to be a tournament at FR for Mk9?
    7. Espio
      Yes there will be tomorrow.

      The good news is that the saga continues.
    8. STORMS
      Tomorrow starting at 10AM EST via
    9. Medina4life
      Thank you EVERYONE who helped me out and made the stream the way it was. It was definitely not a one man show and I can't express enough how glad I am to be a part of a community so willing to offer their assistance whenever I needed it. I really love doing what I do and it's because of weekends like this I strive to be better at my "job". The 5v5 was extremely hyped and can't wait to do something like that again. I would love to stream the runback, if there is one at Power-Up but unfortunately i don't think I can make it. I have to save for EVO and there are just too many majors before then that I can't go everywhere haha..

      Don't forget there is an actual tournament happening tomorrow. I wish everyone competing the best of luck and make sure to catch it on Funky's stream at

      Thanks again for an amazing life experience everyone <3
    10. Garasky
      How come people say PL isn't competing anymore. Didn't he just win
      Frosty Faustings. Nobody took that tournament seriously?
    11. Garasky
      Thnx 4 the stream. It was fantastic!! I was rooting for you during the Reptile mirror match ... lol
    12. Medina4life
      haha I lost to YT rival Tylerlantern, chill dude.. he beat me really good :) It's okay.. It just means I have to level up my game.. maybe I should spend less time streaming and play more when I am at the arcade :p
    13. totheark
      Damn. 7 in the morning on a Sunday!
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    14. Pig Of The Hut
      Pig Of The Hut
      Tomorrow pool s will not be disspointing
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    15. Sand-man
      west owned by vsm LoL

      inviato dal mio Sony Ericsson Xperia play utilizzando tapatalk
    16. REDRUM
      CD SR is the nicest guy and so humble so for him to bust out the babies was so epic! I went nuts!!!!!
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    17. Doctor Angel
      Doctor Angel
      The minute CD busted out the guns, it was over.

      It was like Hogan tearing off the yellow tee.

      Damn + 652 A's.

      Way to go, hometown heroes.
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    18. STRYKIE
      Maaaaan, the cutouts were better than the whole 5v5 :(, Show us the rest Medina, I wanna see Brady rockin the saltshaker in his. #Kappa
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    19. gamemk
      this game makes me furious, but that's for another discussion. anyway, i don't think babalities should be possible if you use breakers. the whole point of babalities was to highlight your usage of a handicap. but how is using two breakers , but not blocking a handicap? a breaker is virtually a block. meh. it's so easy to apply pressure in this game that babalities aren't even what they used to be.

      i was rooting for the kombat tomb guys. sorry they lost.
    20. NRF CharlieMurphy
      NRF CharlieMurphy
      I just want to hear the reactions from those guys that lost. I mean.... damn.
    21. NariTuba
      Next Kombat Tomb Podcast should feature REO and CDjr, make it happen K7!
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    22. Qineuro
      16 Bit did a great job of realizing one of the hypest MK9 events I've been around to witness. I was rooting for team Midwest the whole way, but VSM deserves props for stepping up to the challenge and dominating.

      I do think that for the inevitable runback, the format should be a lot different. It'd be far more exciting to see every member of each team fight every member of the other: for example, every set a player wins could count as a point for their team, and at the end, the team with the most points wins. Everyone would be guaranteed five matches. It'd take considerably longer, but with the caliber of players involved I think it'd be a lot of fun to watch.

      (Also, big thanks to Medina and everyone else involved for the stream. Much cooler watching this live than to play it back later when everyone already knows the result.)
    23. Prinz
      I agree. It should feature the maximum of players that were in the 5v5. 16bit gotta give them props for winning and challenge them to a salty runback.
    24. G4S Claude VonStroke
      G4S Claude VonStroke
      They lost because they are completely free compared to the VSM team. Tonight proved it.
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    25. unVINCEable
      OK I think I've figured out how to run a decent 5v5 at the runback: Call it the Best of the Best Style Battle. To start every match will be pre-determined. Now as for the match itself: they will be timed matches! Every match-up will be around 10-15 minutes. Points will be made by winning not only matches, but by winning rounds. Make this into a more team centered battle. Let's say the rounds are worth 1 point and then matches can be worth 3. I think this way of battling would be so awesome. Any Thoughts?
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