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Final Round 20 Results and Archive


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Final Round 20 has concluded and it was undoubtedly the most exciting top 8 of recent memory. If this was to be the last MKX major before Injustice 2 releases, we couldn't have asked for a better send off. Demons were beaten, forgotten variations emerged, it was truly a spectacle.

Congratulations to all of top 8. If you weren't able to watch the event live, you can catch the top 8 here.

Results are in the spoiler below, and you may be in for a surprise!

1. Noble Dragon
2. Echo Fox Scar
3. Echo Fox Sonic Fox
4. Semiij
5. Noble Tweedy
5. Noble iLuusions
7. Starcharger
7. Saltface


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SonicFox will always be a force to contend with, in any game he takes seriously, but no one stays on top forever. Even Infiltration can't win everything. Hopefully, with a new game on the horizon, and other young players leveling up, maybe the outcome of tourneys won't feel like a foregone conclusion.

How hype would that be?


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Mah lil' man Dragon served these fools up

He was like "Yeah Sonic imma let you finish, but Shinnok is one of the greatest characters of all time".

Then he told Scar, "Bruh; I don't know what Special Forces is doing; but I'm just gonna float on you now and figure this out later".

His trademark hair and glasses are coming for people in Injustice 2 -- so be ready.

Congratulations mah man :)

P.S. Great matches from Semij, Scar, Sonic and everyone.
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Didn't know the "blind pick" was a thing, is this something you can do in every tournament?

I'm of the opinion that players should go to tournaments with a "starter" written to use at the start of every match to avoid first round counterpicking (counterpick only after 1st lose) and this is as close as I've seen. If I were a tournament player I'd ask for it every single time.

Congrats to Dragon for finally beating Sonic (online and offline in a short time span) and comming on top in one of the last MKX big tournaments setting the tone for the next game!


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can we talk about king jr destroying people with lackey, for which tym created an own tier at the bottom of the list?
i had so much respect for the man while he was using lackey

if u watch nothing else please wtach jagoblake vs forever king
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I know I'm late, but DAMN that (double) real master comeback by Dragon was hype!
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