FINAL MK 11 Prediction before the Trailer Drops

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat XL' started by RonnyRAGE, May 25, 2018.

  1. ImperatrixSindel

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    "Insane troll logic" is a common ~internet phrase~ derived from an episode of Buffy. Relax, buddy.

    The point is that they have timed their announcements to e3 previously, and the fact that they have not done so this year means there is almost certainly no game coming in the spring.

    And the early confirmation because of the leak isn't speculation, Ed has been complaining about it on twitter ever since.
  2. Rathalos

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    If it's not being shown at E3, not even as a CG teaser, then maybe they really are taking an extra year for development time.

    Even weirder is no rocksteady game, the fuck have they been doing.
  3. my guess is , we wont get any NRS games on this generation of systems . MK11 will be on ps5 etc.. well imo thats a mistake people do not care as much for another year of zonejustice oh well.
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  4. Cursa

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    That's a super ballsy guess. PS5 could still be years away
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  5. i agree with you 100% very ballsy and actually i hope im wrong but im probably right.
  6. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    I think it would be really silly of NRS to delay a game for so long just to have it on a next-gen console.

    I expect a release date of late next year. Any longer would be financially silly imo, especially for a company like NRS who don't just pump out games annually.

    PS5 is looking like a 2020 release, best case scenario. If it releases in 2019 then Sony fucked up PS4 somehow, and if it's in 2021 then NRS are waiting way too long for an MKX sequel.

    I think it'll be released mid-late next year, or early 2020. This-gen console, and if there is a new gen by then, they'll probably do that too.
  7. Aramonde

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    This is my fear and why im so pissed off. I don't want to buy a console just for one game.
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  8. ImperatrixSindel

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    There's really nothing else that would make you buy a PS5? Consoles age out, it's just reality. Surely you'd get the bang for your buck eventually.
  9. Hara-Killer

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    Tomorrow is NRS last chance , then only EVO or whatever they want
  10. HeavyNorse

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    Or Gamescom in August.
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  11. Hara-Killer

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    is that related To NRS or nah ?? >>>
    AT&T & Time Warner Win Court Battle

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  12. HeavyNorse

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    Well, it's a videogame convention, so...
  13. his wearing a exhibitor badge also ....
  14. LiangHuBBB

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    no new mk, no FF7 remake, no shenmue 3
    E3 this year is kinda :(
    at least we are getting 3 dope samurai games next year
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  15. coolwhip

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    Wait, didn't the trailer drop at Combo Breaker?
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  16. Rathalos

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    If the game is not coming out until 2020, I wonder why they needed to cut support of Injustass 2 so quickly.
    I mean, I doubt they could have salvaged the gameplay, but another couple of characters would have been alright.
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  17. You do know that Ed Boon is at e3 as an Exhibitor right?
    There could just be an embargo on information for now though.

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  18. trufenix


    Whatever it is just don't let it be switch exclusive, if I ever but a Nintendo system again for a fighting game I lose a bet.
  19. Israel

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    Hm..guess nothing huh. Well technically..tomorrow you can say for sure. Otherwise, RIP. You guys will be stuck with that tra- i mean game, Injustice for who knows how longer.

    But...why do pot bonuses @ combo breaker for both MK's...and make tweets? Just doesn't make sense...
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  20. vapid

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    Next year I guess.
  21. Kokoko

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    Angry Joe posted photos with Boon and said "MK reveal won't happen this time". But you still can believe and be upset

    Since when support of their own games is pointless and doesn't make sense? If half of the community drops their games after 1 year or so, it doesn't mean, that they should ignore previously released titles.
  22. Roy Arkon

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    Angry Joe posted those photos, but he didn't say that MK reveal won't happen this time, I saw that tweet.

    You're totally about the pot bonuses though.
  23. Kokoko

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  24. Roy Arkon

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    Ah those are not the Tweets I thought you were talking about. Sorry, my bad.

    Still, I think there is still a chance to get a trailer this year in some events, there are ton of events that they can show it. IJ2's announcement trailer was shown at the MKX ESL finals on Twitch.

    EDIT: I rechecked these Tweets, they came on June 12 at 2:33 PM and 2:57 PM, but the Tweet with Joe taking a picture with Boon was set at the same date, but at 8:29 PM, that's 5 and half ours later.
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