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Fighting Games Challenge TWT -TEKKEN/MKX/DBZ

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The FGC team together with the Association of Artists – „Contur” would like to invite you to the „Fighting Games Challenge”, which will take place on 9-10 June 2018 in EC1 Łódź – Miasto Kultury ( 1/3 Targowa st. Łódź, Entrance from the EC1 East – Planetarium, Wojciecha Jerzego Hasa st.). Thanks to the Bandai Namco and Twitch.tv, our tournament will be part of Tekken World Tour as Master rank event, in which you will have an opportunity to win amazing prizes and points for the global classification of this year’s Tekken World Tour.

Registration is open until 31.05.2018. To participate in the tournament you need to fill the registration form located on our website www.fgchallenge.com (go to „event information”>”registration”) and buy a ticket for the event (tickets sale will be launched soon) or through smash.gg of course :)


Player Ticket – 25 PLN (2-day ticket that allows to participate in 1 tournament, if you want to participate in both you need to buy two tickets) Visitor Ticket – 5 PLN ( 2-day ticket without the possibility of participating in the main tournaments)

Tickets are now available ! - https://bilety.ec1lodz.pl/termin.html?d=5&idg=19&date_termin=2018-06-09

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