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Fighting Game Community Support from NetherRealm Studios Continues


As the 'NRS community' has come to expect, NetherRealm Studios has continued to support the community on a massive scale by releasing balance patches for Injustice. Whether your characters have become better or worse from the recent balance patch, you have to appreciate that NetherRealm Studios have placed a high importance on improving the balance of their game for the competitive players to enjoy.

Community Game Testers and Tournaments
What a lot of people that are not familiar with the community may not understand is how much of a positive role NRS plays in our community. While they may know that they have patched their games to increase their longevity, they may not realize that NRS has hand-picked a lot of community players as consultants to test specific characters and properties of the game engines, employed several players from within the community as game testers, which does nothing but make their games more enjoyable. They also awarded large prizes for major tournaments including EVO, MLG and the PDP National Mortal Kombat tournament. On top of that, several of their developers (such as Hector Sanchez, Paulo Garcia and Brian Lebaron) have attended many tournaments just to watch their games being played by the community while hanging out with the rest of the players as they spectate the current match.

Support for Blind Players
One of the more interesting ways that I've ever heard of game developers supporting the community of their game (and what inspired me to write this article) is how they implement new features to assist blind players compete versus other players in a fighting game.

Fighting games may seem pretty basic to people that do not play them. But they involve a lot of elements to them that can drastically change the way the games are played. For Injustice: Gods Among Us one of those elements is the use of, “interactables” that allow characters to use objects from the stage to inflict damage on your opponent. In the recent patch announcement (10/1) Tyler Lansdown and Paulo Garcia have stated that NRS has added more audio cues specifically so that blind players can better understand when they are within range of these objects so that they have the same opportunities to use and avoid them. [NRS Patch Stream (Starts at 11:11)]

Not only is this amazing for blind players, but it is not a new concept for those who worked at Midway. A lot of fans familiar with Mortal Kombat know that it has implemented “3D Audio”, which helps players know the distance between their character and their opponent, from the Midway Summer Gamers Day (2005) when Brice Mellen played versus Ed Boon himself convincingly even in a crowded event. [Midway Summer Gamers Day 2005]

Now with interactables and blind players traveling to events and playing competitively, such as “RattleHead”, who was sponsored by “OBS” (the On Blast Show) these sound cues are even more important to the gameplay. Much respect to NetherRealm Studios for taking the taking time and putting in the effort for the community, and we look forward to Mortal Kombat 10. (And Shaolin Monks 2).

Twitter Accounts:
NetherRealm Studios: https://twitter.com/NetherRealm
Ed Boon: https://twitter.com/noobde
Hector Sanchez: https://twitter.com/hecterrific
Paulo Garcia: https://twitter.com/pakostevens
Brian Lebaron: https://twitter.com/videogamebrian
Tyler Lansdown: https://twitter.com/tylerlansdown

NetherRealm 'Minions' (QA Testers):
Steve Brownback: https://twitter.com/Osu16Bit
Brad Vitale: https://twitter.com/Slipkicks

OBS|RattleHead: https://twitter.com/OBSKHRattlehead


Burn It Down
How about adding lobby options online ? Like spectator mode. hell lol just look at doa5u online mp options Copy And Paste please.

OBS|KH Rattlehead

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Thank you for the mention in this article. Although the sound cues were overshadowed by the significant changes characters would receive in the game, I am happy to hear that it's still being recognized. This new addition to Injustice is history in the making for blind gamers in general. I'm still in disbelief sometimes, because basically NRS implemented this feature simply due to my concerns expressed at Evo. I've been utilizing it since the patch came out, and it really helps a lot. Not to mention that I can now utilize interactibles for high level or intense matches now. It's certainly an addition that even the casual blind gamer can enjoy, hence I've been posting about it everywhere as much as I can. Again thanks for mentioning that feature.


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Spectator mode in the next game is a must -- it's critical for the online 3rd party broadcast of matches.

Groove Heaven

Oh my God is this thread actually full of shit-talking and whining about them not patching MK9? Let it go, guys. Capcom may update their game yearly, but if you're a huge MK fan who hates IGAU, just be content with the fact that we'll get MK10 before we know it and they'll get another SF4.

I still think NRS is a good company.

Also it must be intense to play with 3D audio on.


You're right, Capcom also “move On” With SSF4

To be fair, many of those "updates" were actually new versions that you had to buy, a person with vanila SF4 or even Super, won't be up to date unless they buy AE, and apparently, soon, Ultra as well. NRS update their games for everyone who bought day 1.


The Netherrealm beckons
NRS is my favorite video game developer despite their (sometimes massive) flaws. In this day and age of pandering to the widest audience, the fact that they took time to hammer out some options for blind players because of one guy at a tournament is stunning to say the least.

With that said, I've since gotten over them abandoning MK9 -- however, they had damn well better give MK10 twice the love and attention Injustice is getting now. MK is their legacy. Injustice is just DC with a tweaked MK engine. Big frickin' whoop.

I still plan on playing the hell out of MK9 (that is, when I move back to the states and actually have people to play). But the more I play MK9, the more I think about what they're cooking up for MK10. And it had better be good, NRS.

G4S MinotaurLord

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Only in this community could there be a forum post that talks about NRS' thoughtfulness for both including the community in the testing and patching process and their reaching out to blind gamers in a way that no other company would even bother with, only to be met with people putting the company on blast for not patching MK again (after everyone told them to stop patching it so much) and putting the poster on blast for advertising for NRS. On a website dedicated to NRS games, specifically at the competitive level. Un-fucking-real.

Minh Giang

aka ChrsitianDMG on Stream
Good job ZAQ.

btw no offence but i hate the "top players testing the game before it comes out" idea.
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Let me also add that, in person and via phone, the NRS guys are some of the nicest people in the industry. You can tell that everyone there really cares about the games they're making; and there are a bunch of great people working at the studio who take time to listen and put integrity over ego.

Everyone I've dealt with there have been A+ people all around, so I can see why people like working there.

Here's to more continued success in the future.

OBS|KH Rattlehead

real life Kenshi of the MK community.
Cool! Now i can get beaten by blind players as well!

Jk lol, no offense blind players. Nice work NRS!
You on psn or xbl? Perhaps if you came across me in a rank match, maybe you have been beaten by a blind guy?
Beware of my Scorpion and Gl now. lol. Never under estimate Kenshi. hahaha jk.


Burn It Down
Spectator mode in the next game is a must -- it's critical for the online 3rd party broadcast of matches.
I feel the same way about having that option bjtvdo u think they could implement that in this current game if enough people wanted it? It would be a streamers dream ya know.


Administrator and Community Engineer
I feel the same way about having that option bjtvdo u think they could implement that in this current game if enough people wanted it? It would be a streamers dream ya know.
I think it could be done -- it should be a simple fix (of course, as a programmer I know how painful 'simple fixes' can be based on the underlying code) because it doesn't really require anything new; just basically skipping over people in KotH or whatever so that they can watch and not play.

It's probably easier than immediate rematch was to implement.

Paulo could probably shed more light on this but I think it'd be great for the game.