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KingofBosz97 XBL
I enjoy Soul Calibur, but FN is my favorite 3D fighting game by far and my second favorite fighting game series behind MK. I've been playing a little bit of UFC 3, but it doesn't hit the same. I play on Xbox since it is backward compatible. Any other fighters out there?


casual kahnage
I think UFC 3 is cool, but I don't like the takedown and the grappling system. Stand and bang is actually fun. Haven't played much online though.
Yeah same here. I haven’t played fight night in a long time but I remember the slow mo and player damage looking much cooler in fight night.


Your hole is mine!
Fight Night is a godlike game, shits all over UFC anyday.

I remember the days getting drunk and high af and playing Fight Night for hours with the lads


Its Game Over, Man
Haven't played a Fight Night since Fight Night 3. Surprised there hasn't been a game made in the series since 2011.