[Feb 25, 2012] 9.95's 24 Hour Memorial Fundraiser Stream (Phil's House!)

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9.95's 24 Hour Memorial Fundraiser Stream
Phil's House!
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Posted By: 9.95
Start Date: Feb 25, 2012 08:00 AM
End Date: Feb 26, 2012 08:00 AM
Time Zone: America/New_York -05:00 EST
  1. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    24 Hour
    Memorial Fundraiser Stream
    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    The American Diabetes Association
    February 25, 2012 8:00AM EST
    On September 15, 2010 I lost the most influential person in my life, my Mom.​
    My mom was my hero in every sense of the word.​
    She lived her life by fighting everyday through the pain and struggle of Multiple Sclerosis AND diabetes, and she passed due to complications from both... but she fought...for 15 years with MS and for over 25 years with diabetes... she fought.​
    February 21, 2012 would have been her 58th Birthday.​
    On February 25, 2012 I will be doing a 24 hour stream to benefit the National MS Society and the American Diabetes Association in her honor. There will be links to donate to both organizations put on here as soon as I have them set up.​
    The idea is that as long as I see that the organizations continue to receive donations, at least one per hour, I will keep the stream up and running for 24 hours.​
    I will be playing games, talking, taking questions, and other things. I am going to be inviting special guests to come and play on stream, talk with the stream etc.​
    Please take the time to support me.​
    Fundraiser pages are now open and accepting donations!
    Please sign the guestbook when you visit!
    National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    American Diabetes Association

    American Cancer Society
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  2. Jer

    Jer I'm a literal Sloth

    MTL Jer
    I will have the stream open and gladly donate.

    I'm really sorry to hear about this Phil.
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  3. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Let me know WHATEVER you need for me, Phil.
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  4. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    This will be one of the only times that Kombat Network will feature non-fighting games if that's the direction we go, however I have a feeling that it will be almost all fighting games all the time...LOL
  5. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    hey man we can get down in something else. just let me know LOL

    Super Smash TV, Root Beer Tapper, TMNT, Simpsons, etc etc :)
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  6. RapZiLLa54

    RapZiLLa54 Monster Island Tournaments
    Premium Supporter

    Sorry to hear this man, my condolences to you and yours.... I'll be donating.
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  7. SwiftTomHanks

    SwiftTomHanks missiles are coming

    I'm so sorry to hear that Phil!

    What you're doing here is a great thing and if you need ANYTHING from me, please let me know. I'll be glade to donate and watch the stream.

    Quite honestly, you're the single most important person in the MK community - we all owe you.
  8. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    I greatly appreciate the support guys.

    This means a lot because it will go towards helping so many people.

    MS and Diabetes are horrible, and hopefully one day we'll see a cure for them.
  9. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    The players are the most important... :) and I would never let anyone owe me for what I have done. I do it because I love the community and I love the people who are a part of it.
  10. Scoot Magee

    Scoot Magee But I didn't want to dash

    I'll support this any way I can.
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  11. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    I will definitely be looking for special guests to come and chill, talk on mic, play some games, etc.

    May even be one of the few times some of you get to see me play MK9...LOL
  12. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    LOL i got it....

    9.95 vs Tim Static Ft10 - MK9 lol..........ONLINE
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  13. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    We can up the odds too.... PS3 version, WIRELESS. LOL
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  14. N0rdicNinja

    N0rdicNinja Digital Pro Sports
    Premium Supporter

    Do it!

    I will def make sure to donate and catch as much of this as I can!
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  15. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    LMAO first one to vomit loses lol
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  16. CptXecution

    CptXecution Brain Dead Bro
    Premium Supporter

    I'll definitely be tuned in and will happily donate Phil. This community is in eternal debt to you and we appreciate it.

    Ps. I play a mean Guitar Hero if you needed any ideas ;) lol
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  17. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Anyway, I'll be inviting some players over... Dark Rob, REO, JamessMK... Summoning, Shock, the CD Bros...

    can't all be at the same time, but anyone who wants to come and do some stream time to help is appreciated...

    My brother, rsiegel28 will likely be there as well.
  18. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    I suck at Guitar Hero(I can only play on medium) but I'm down to figure something out.

    Anyone up for some ST/HDR, SFA2, SFA3 or 3s?
  19. K7L33THA

    K7L33THA Grapple > Footsies
    Premium Supporter

    I'll watch. Sorry to hear about your mom Phil. One of my family members is currently struggling with MS and its no fun.
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  20. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Just remember to support that person. Remind them to fight and NEVER give up.

    Also, if you ever just need to talk... I've been through it. I'm always willing to listen... just hit me up.
  21. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    LOL, I'll bring the barf bag.
  22. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Dark_Rob , you're gonna come through for some of this, right? We'll do some MK2 and have some fun.

    I will also do some online MK2 if people want.
  23. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    Dude i'll play you in anything. :)
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  24. 9.95

    9.95 Noob

    Awesome... looking forward to saturday.
  25. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    same here. i'll enjoy netplay a lot more if i know that you and i are suffering through it together LOL
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