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Fatalities and Fatal Blows for Kano and Cassie


Confused Thanagarian
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Gamespot, the spot for games, did a quick mash-up video of Kano and Cassie Cage's (revealed today if you somehow missed it) fatalities and Fatal Blows. So go check that out if you don't want to skip around some longer videos to see those.

Since Gamestop just loaded this video up on Twitter, you have to click this link here. I'll post an embed link below, but I'm fairly confident it won't work. This pretty much confirms, along with everything else, that Cassie is character number 2 in today's Kombat Kast, so tune in to Netherrealm's Twitch channel at 4PM EST, or just look out for the TYM recap post around 5 when it ends.

*UPDATE: Yeah, it didn't work.


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Well, I said I wanted a good Kano headbutt. Looks like I got a good Kano headbutt.