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Fast Faction Leveling Up


I searched a bit and I didn't see any thread with tips on how to level up fast, so I thought I'd share my strategy. Here goes:

Go to 2 player screen, and pick Kustom Kombat. Choose Raiden and the only way to pick another character (for PS4) is with a second DS4 or if you don't have one, use the Vita. Pick Danger, which essentially puts you and your opponent one hit away from death. The set I am using is:

BG: Cold Funeral (+75 FXP per Match Win)
ICON: Hanzo (+75 FXP per Brutality)
BORDER: MK I (+75 FXP per Match Win)

When the game starts, do Raiden's Electrocute but alter it to a Brutality be pressing Δ 3 times during the move. When you do that, at the end of each match you get: Flawless Victory bonus, Special Move bonus, Brutality bonus and you get 575 FXP per game, plus profile XP and Koins.

Now, admittedly, this is a very boring and monotonous way of playing but if you wanna be done quickly with this specific trophy and you want the Koin rewards, I think this is the best way of going about it for fast results.