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F4->Nomad dash

Im just picking up Kabal and everything is going good but I cant seem to do his forward 4 to nomad dash anti air. Is there something special you have to do with the inputs?
2 is a way better AA than f4

but try using negative edge to your advantage if you're not fast enough to input it normally. if you input f4 - b, f fast enough it'll register as f4 bf4


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
f+4, b, f, 4

Wait until you get to the advanced combos using f4:

b121, dash forward, f4~ndc, 2~ndc, 2, f4~nd... lol

Good luck, it takes a lot of practice to play Kabal.

And yeah... 2 is much better as anti air, but if you are far away and they jump, you can use standing 4 into nd