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Question F4 Corner Option

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After a nutpunch landed in the corner, the ideal followup on block is 11f1. Simple enough. However, on some characters, this string whiffs when they are crouch blocking, and the only options left after the nutpunch are neutral strings(F3, 2/21, etc.).

F4 is an overhead that has decent chip(1.91%) and leaves neutral on block. In frame data, Nutpunch has +39 on hit and the execution for F4 is 28. This leaves a decent window for Cage to step back if he wishes and perform F4. The opponent is likely to try and poke out in thought Cage is at disadvantage. Even then, the timing for executing a move after F4 hits block is strange, but a Cage that has adjusted to this is at the upperhand. F4 also checks your opponent's blocking reaction due to the fact that they are likely blocking low when in the corner.

So my question: After all that I stated, is F4 a decent option for the corner? I understand the frame trap likely works on most of the cast when they are crouch blocking, and is preferred, but it's nice to know what you have at hand.


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hell no, no idiot will ever poke after nutpunch on hit when he sees you walking back.

28f overhead very easily fuzzy guarded, theres not even a reason not to block high when cage has no low combo starters


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This is a gimmicky set up, but honestly it doesn't have a good reward for the risk. It may work once or twice but people will definitely catch on fast