F2 setup alternate?

Discussion in 'Blue Beetle' started by XxSYNDROISxX, Jun 12, 2018.


    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

    Anyone have better alts for Df1Mb, 3 , bf2 ,f2 for oki

    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

    Apparently I'm the last online Beetle that resides on test your might lol or the community is just dead
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  3. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    More just lazy and/or busy I think....
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  4. Espio

    Espio Ask Me About My Kurtis Stryker Agenda
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    Nah, I just don't think people check often this late into the game when most things are relatively figured out for the most part.

    I also don't think there is one to my knowledge and I don't see anyone doing anything comparatively better at the moment. I sometimes do ending in low stab if my opponent is in the corner, but that's not anything special or groundbreaking in all honesty.
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  5. Wolverine32

    Wolverine32 PSN: ADM_Wolverine

    I only use f2 and d3 if I’m not cashing out damage. If someone really doesn’t know what they’re doingagainst beetle. In the corner I’ll end my combos with 13-db2ff, db2u j2. But anyone who knows their stuff will tech roll leaving you in the corner. But f2 and d2 give you the best options but f2 leaves you the most plus.

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