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Expanding Nightwolf For S2

Chernyy Volk

Wolf lord, footsie bully, chronic corner abuser.
This isn't the same as a buff/nerf idea thread or anything.

MK11 is too shallow for me in a lot of respects, and some of it simply boils down to the incomplete feeling of most characters variations. This is what I SORT OF hope will happen for Nightwolf in S2 after Pro Komp finals and I wouldn't be surprised if what I list here ends up happening.

Ancestral Gift:

1: Gets Spirit Of Komo. It's guaranteed after the command grab amplified, makes perfect sense to me.

2: Gets Moonfall. This also makes insane amounts of sense. It forces a true 50/50 in all of NW's tick throw gaps where the opponent is launched for ducking/jumping the command throw and it requires setup. The synergy here if anyone has ever labbed this is pretty obvious. He sets this up safely off any hit confirm into shoulder.


1: Gets Spirit Of Hana. I think what this should or would do is he gets Ancestral Light as long as it's active.

2: Gets Lunar Orbit. It combos into both spirit tracks and lightning arrow on hit.

3: Gets Hana's Wrath, change command to BF2. This would make Lunar Orbit axes track the opponent as long as it's active.