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The Yuzu Ranking Arena took place for a fourth edition in Paris. The hype was real, there were a lot of surprise in this tournament, our challengers were more determined than ever to get on the first places of the podium !

Here you got the result for the MKXL tournament:

1st - EXiLE RZA (Crystalline, Aftershock)
2nd - YUZU Masta (Shaolin, Bojutsu, Ninjutsu)
3rd - Ranam (War God, Sun God, Blood God, Sektor, Relentless)
4th - YUZU Shyndoa (Cristalline, Aftershock, Killer, War God)
Top 5 - Bjay (Covert Ops, Hellfire, Grand Master)
- YUZU Ganondeurf (Thundergod)
Top 7 - AuPif Lordrak (Piercing)
- Ka'bal (Cybernetic)

GGs to EXiLE RZA who won this ranking with his tremendous Tremor against his old friend and former brother in arms YUZU Masta. Ggs to them and to Ranam, who did such amazing come-back all along the tournament !

Thank you guys for supporting us and dropping some hype on the chat :)

Bracket: http://yuzuclangaming.challonge.com/fr/yuzurankingarena4
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