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EXCELSIOR! Stan Lee dies at the age of 95. Rest in peace.


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This is a sad day, and I dunno if this forum is the right place to address these things, but if you guys want to take part of mourning one of the greatest names (imo), you can do so here.

As a big fan of the X-Men in my teenhood and just Marvel overall throughout my life, I'm very saddened by his passing.



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This legit got me sad...But...I kinda had a feeling his end was near when he made a video I want to say a couple of months ago thanking his fans. It felt kinda like an exit...He knew. But living 95 years of life is a blessed achievement that many don't accomplish. That man lived a full, beautiful life, and he will be missed but NEVER forgotten. RIP to the LEGENDARY, Mr. Stan Lee.

Tell my mom I said hi in Heaven ;(

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A very sad day. As a huge X-Men and Marvel fan since my childhood, it's very unfortunate for me to hear this, as I grow up with the characters Stan Lee created for so long. And who can forget all of his cameos in the Marvel movies? They were always very funny and entertaining.

This man was a writer, a creator, and an entertainer all rolled into one, and for that, he was indeed a true legend in the comic book world and entertainment world.

My condolences go to Stan Lee's family, friends and colleagues.

RIP Stan Lee, you will be missed, but surely never forgotten.


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Very sad day. Shit has been somber all day with it pouring down rain, just a very sad atmosphere, he will be missed.

I was suspicious back in May that his time was coming soon, even tweeted about it: https://twitter.com/juggleypuff/status/996604860647858176?s=21. He took control over his twitter (personally) and was just acting a bit off, I knew something was wrong. Yes, he was 95, but still crazy.

He will live on forever through his work. Permanently etched in history for all of eternity!