Evo Grand Finals Injustice 2 in a sum up

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Tyrone Acer, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Plymarco

    Plymarco Worst Kitana ever?

    I can be the black Will Cain if need be
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  2. trufenix

    trufenix www.youtube.com/thetrufenix

    i'm no longer sure if what we talk about here is competitive fighting games. The stuff that's been happening in fighting games for a hundred years really seems to be frowned upon now.
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  3. Red Reaper

    Red Reaper The Hyrax Whisperer

    It probably shouldn't go under everything but I think it's good that goes under somethings like Superman's F23... It makes Superman players have to think more and makes the match up more even. I main Arrow and it goes under my low arrow. Doesn't bug me that much to have it nerfed though. I just find other answers to her like wiff punishing it or MB B3 on reaction to it.
  4. Wigy

    Wigy There it is...

    I watched as much as i could and the only one dude that didnt make me cringe at how boring the game was. Honeybee.

    A few others were good watch like hyatai (cant spell) but the got countered by some boring BA AM supes shit.

    Games boring yo
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  5. just_2swift

    just_2swift LORD OF DANKNESS

    Let's make this injustice first take a reality ppl!
  6. Doctor Angel

    Doctor Angel Born Again Super Bizarro.
    Premium Supporter

    That's why I love him.
    They give him a platform to make his intensity and persona make sense, and he kills it.
    If NRS games were boxing, I'd be Max Kellerman in a Bugs Bunny suit.

    Challenge Accepted, @Fred Marvel .
    I wish I knew a prominent streamer so we could make this happen.
    Like, 90% of the shit I talk in this place sounds like madness, it'd be badass as fuck to have a place I could go to prove I know my shit.

    Someone make this happen.

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  7. Fred Marvel

    Fred Marvel It's actually Freddy Marvel

    First Round haha i can dig it
  8. TheBoyBlunder

    TheBoyBlunder Nightwing for IGAU 2.

    I don't understand people who say "Aquaman is fine leave him alone".

    He's still as good as he was in IGAU. So that means Aquaman has been a top 2 character for atleast 5 years. He, Superman, Black Adam are the most used secondary/pocket characters.

    I'm okay with top tier characters, but god damn you not make them boring?

    Like if Captain Cold or Braniac were top tier I would fall asleep. The whole character design is boring af when Captain Cold and Braniac have abilities they do in comics that would be more interesting to see in the game.

    I found Blue Beetle to be boring as well because I read a lot of his books and I was disappointed they include his other movesets from the comics. BB is a really badass character with a terrible face design (why only show his face like he's Thomas the Tank?) [​IMG]

    He scarab can unlock his entire helmet. I want to see Jaime's entire beautiful texicano cabeza.

    Whatever, most of these complaints are petty from myself.
  9. big_aug

    big_aug Noob

    It wouldn't be as bad if they weren't legacy characters. If they had done an entirely new roster with all new stuff, it would not be so bad to watch. There would be some new top tier that had seemingly broken, dumb shit, but people might be hyped to watch it because it was something totally new. People have seen this trident rush shit for 5 years. How could people not be disappointed by it at this point?
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  10. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage Day 10 Mediocre Darkseid Player
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    Jesus Christ these fucking Dear Diary posts are even worse than the MB Trident Rush apologists.
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  11. carrion4worm

    carrion4worm king of the underground

    everybody bitching for years "why can't anybody beat Fox, this is so boring! blah blah" Now we got players that are finally winning, but now it's all "They used a good character, this is so boring! blah blah"

    If YOU played Fox, would you use Swamp Thing? There's always gonna be top tiers, right now it's familiar legacy characters.

    Jesus, people.
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  12. Reauxbot

    Reauxbot You think you bad? You aint bad.

    His default face is awful. And his fighting stance looks like he wants a damn hug but doesn't wanna ask for it
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  13. SM StarGazer

    SM StarGazer The voice of reason in a Sea of Salt

    Just release Spawn and this goes away

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